[:en]3 days 2 nights Bangkok Company trip[:]

[:en]Day 1

October is the raining season and unfortuature flood at Bangkok so we have changed our travel date from October to December. We travelled by Thai airway from Changi Airport to Bangkok at 12.30pm and arrive at 1.45pm.

Our tour guide named Mei, and she can speak a little bit of Chinese cause she worked at Singapore for number of years. We went to hotel and check in at Arnoma [email protected] Phathuwan, this hotel is very strategies just opposite with the Erawan 4 face Buddha. I bring along my mother for This trip and this is second trip that I traveled with my mother.

After we check in at 3pm, there no much times because we need to meet up at 7pm to have a diner together at the hotel.   Our hotel was very near to Central work plaza and Isetan, the fist station that we went to Nuraya Boutique, and went we went inside we found a lot of our company auntie was over there, they really did a lot of contribution to Thailand bad industrial. I did brought few for my relative and my sister. after all we did a window shopping at Central world Plaza. we back hotel at 7pm for dinner @ Buttercup Coffee Shop.
after Dinner we took THE Christmas decoration picture a surrounding  area, I am so regret that I am wearing high heel to Bangkok, no choice I brought another slipper at Bata, I must said the price was expensive even more than Singapore, I brought my slipper at SGD 45.00, but no choice my leg was pain ….

We have charted 2 van to derived us to Asia hotel for New Calypso cabaret Showed, the performance was well organize, but lady boy look old. this is because now a day the Bangkok have developing and not much family send their boy to became lady boy.

Day 2

Today is the half day tour to Chaophaya river, this is the view that we shoot from the boat.

we reached our destination Temple Arun after 20minute boat ride. this is a nice temple, not very big and we have no time to go inside the pagoda.

this is the picture for passed and present King of Thailand, in Thailand  you can see the their King picture

Wat Arun Temple

people believe if you see the white colour fish, that you will have good luck, but due to the flood, the white colour have missing for couple of month already.

The Tour guide bring us to the Jewel shop, and I don really what we do now, I just remember the free ice Thai tea not bad…

after that we went to a honey firm to buy honey, bee pollen and royal jelly , the honey is from poppy flower, so the taste bitter than normal honey, but very good when u sore throat

the having our lunch at ban Khun Mae Restaurant

458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road, Patumwan

Tel: +662 2501 9523 This Restaurant are very famous with the mango rice, and dessert .. must try ! but too bad we didn’t and not included at company prepared set lunch… yeah Lay went back to buy after all, I should do this so…

The Restaurant very near Siam Paragon, we walk around that area, Siam Paragon surrounding with a lot of fashion Boutique  with some of young and new designer, you may crab a good bargain there.
we walk from Siam Paragon to MBK, but not my cup of tea so I am just doing window shopping.
Day 3 This is a free and easy day, I and mummy wake up at 8pm and having breakfast at the hotel, after that we went to Titanium square, no fitting room at there hence I didn buy anything also I just walk around and I saw Fong Keow and her husband at the entrance, and I told her nothing much to see and asked her to go to terminal 21 with us, I went to terminal 21 in order to help Jeffrey to buy his blouse.
Terminal 21 use the airport design theme, and suitable for teenager or youngster to look for fashion design.

Most of central Thailand, especially provinces north of Bangkok like Ayutthaya, Nakhon Sawan, Sing Buri, Lop Buri, Uthai Thani, Chainat and Pathum Thani, are heavily flooded, so this trip we cannot go much place.[:]