[:en]Singapore Zoo with my Best Friends[:]

[:en]Singapore Zoo followed the modern trend of displaying animals in naturalistic, ‘open’ exhibits with hidden barriers, moats, and glass between the animals and visitors. It houses the largest captive colony of orangutans in the world.

We took a bus from Ang mo kio hub 195 to Singapore Zoo.

We got the Zoo corporate pass from  Wee Lee Company for 4 Person, hence we went to zoo with Winnie and C.Y.

On a sunny Saturday and we reached zoo at 11am. I have more than 10 years didn’t go to Singapore Zoo.

It was a sunny day, but for us is too hot, we wake up at 8.30am pretty early for us.

No much restaurant at Zoo, the most famous one will Ah Meng Kopi, Ah Meng is the celebraties in Zoo, later I will show you what Ah Meng look like.

We having our lunch at ah Meng restaurant , no much variety but you may choose nasi bryani, the potion very big, but not very authentic not so hot also.

Winnie and I keep chit chat which animal skin can made hand bag, and which type of animal skin handbag are more expensive… hahaha !!!

It look so adorable.

This is for blind man, so they can come to zoo to used hand to see the animal.
this is a another star animal in Zoo, white Tiger – named Winnie (same name with my best friend), I remember she accidently kill a man.

This is from ah Meng family , ah Meng growing old and no longer here, he need special care

After few hours walking, take a break and having Ben and jerry ice-  cream.
This cool one leg duck/ bird stand  at the tree, we still wonder how can it do that. Took a picture and said cheer….
We did saw a lot of difference monkey and I think Singapore zoo full of difference type of monkey …
We back for diner around 5pm, and feel great after a long hours walk.


[:en]Mount Faber[:]


29 April 2014, having a little break with friends @ mount Faber, I must said the view was great and having a great cocktail at Faber Bistrol was be a good choice, from the Bistrol you may get a very beautiful view and the end. But due to that day was earth day, most of the building have switch off the light so you may have the other feeling of Singapore. For me is silent of Singapore and the city look quiet tonight.
A great price for buddy chit hat rite ? The Bistrol easly full house at weekend and I saw so many customer walk out with disappointed and to avoid this come early. We are so lucky to get the last table for four.


This is the rainbow staircase to bring you to a paradise – The Jewel box , we go up for toilet actually .. Hahaha.

In top there is some Bistrol and coffee there, the price is quite a good bargain actually, so why don’t you come here for a little break ?

I feel lovely for the flower roof, the place make me feel like inside a fairytale story and I am inside a beautiful wonderland.

After that we went to Henderson waves , is was around 10 minute walk from Feber Bistrol.

This is the Henderson waves look like , but due to earth day and become like below.

We are so lucky yo have a difference feeling and view from Hwnderson waves , the bridge full of couples, I think is a rite place for them, I am so scare cause this bridge is build from wood and we can still feel the cold from downstairs, i think without light is more romantic … So we lay down at the side of the bridge and we can feel the road was just under and you can feel the wind blow from you back, Wah the feeling damn good. There is no doubts for this award winning bridge/ building .

At the end must let you know how to come rite ? There is no bus can reach directly , so you take a cable car from sentosa or travel to Habourfront MRT  and walk up.


[:en]OKtoberfest at Swiss club[:]

[:en]Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival celebrating beer held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Running from late September to the first weekend in October, it is one of the most famous events in Germany and is the world’s largest fair, To the locals, it is not called Oktoberfest, but “die Wiesn”, after the colloquial name of the fairgrounds themselves.

Swiss Club Singapore located at Bukit timah, the nearest MRT will be Newton, we need to  travel 7 Minute by Taxi to Swiss club, but we catch by traffic jam for about 40minute,finaly we reach at 7.40pm , I saw a very big camp which  crowed by a lot of people. and I knew I got the place.

below is the ticket price and excluded beverage, and we need to buy the coupon, and redeem at the beverage counter

this is our first view (picture below), we saw a lot of people,   why so many people no need to work at Fridays?? today most of the them is cooperate Guess, most of the table booked by company,  the right side of the camp booked by DHL, and left side whole roll booked by Tiger beer, and so on.
If company want to do the advertisement , eg: sponsor this event, 1 banner = 20K, and what we see is a lot of money  frying at our sky..
Performance even start shape on 7pm, and started with German traditional performance and  traditional German consume, on 9pm starting to be happening and with rock song, all the singer invited from Europe for this 5 days event. the phenomena start to be high,  some people dance on their sit, even on top of the table.. I am so worry a Auntie drop from the table..hahaha… at 10.30p.m. they staring to be build the people train and walk around, so you can see a lot of hand to pull you and invite you to play together.. and stop at in front of the stage, what is the next ???can you Guess…. alamaK there is a Chicken dance, I think this dance look like chicken lay egg =_=
food included in the ticket, all is German traditional food, pork naga, some salad, difference type of sausage (wust), and I saw a lot persevered fruit and veggie.
at 10pm starting to be high
actually this is not a beer, is a apple sparkling juice, see how smart of Cyrio, cause his boss ask him to take the beer for me, and he no choice he when to buy a apple sparkling juice and pour to the beer mud .. hahaha and then I used Apple sparkling jus to ‘Kam bei’ with other.. and the funny thing is he ask me must drink slowly else people will know.. I think I am a good actress..no one know this… hahaha…
I ciao around 10.30pm, and the Taxi Q are so long, we wait another 45minute and pay extra SGD 10 to get the cab


[:en]Jurong Bird park Singapore -05 Jun 2016 – 45th Birthday [:]

[:en]This is N times I went to Jurong bird park, regardless how many time, I am still  thinking Jurong Bird park is one of the must travel place in Singapore. Unfortunately this Bird park will be move to Mandai and I am sure that I will miss this ‘ Old Jurong Bird park’ in Jurong.

Address: 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925

Closing soon · 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Admission Fee:
Adult : SGD 28
Children : SGD 18
The idea of a permanent bird exhibit was first conceived by late Dr Goh Keng Swee, He sought to see that Jurong would be more than an industrial zone that Singaporeans would have a place where they could escape from urban life, where people could relax with nature. On 3 January 1971, Jurong Bird Park, built at a cost of S$3.5 million, was opened to the public.
African Waterfall Aviary really surprise me and I can feed the bird and have the close contact with bird.
African Waterfall Aviary: The African Waterfall Aviary is the second largest walk-in aviary in the world, covering 2 hectares (4.9 acres) and including more than 600 free-flying birds from over 50 species. The aviary is named after the 30-metre (98 ft) tall Jurong Falls, one of the world’s tallest man-made waterfall. Species include the golden-breasted starling, turacos, and the hoopoe. (Wikipedia)
Mget to feed them and also watch quite a few shows that take place throughout the day, The bird encounters and shows are great fun for everyone not just children.
There are beautiful tucans, colourful parrots, owls, penguins, flamingos and all other sorts of birds.
 Too big to cover in a day for youngsters but of great educational interest.


[:en]1 Altitide Roof Bar [:zh]姐妹免费欣赏晚景的地方-1Altitude Roof Bar[:]


This is the roof top bar in Singapore which able to hv a full night view of Singapore city.
Wednesday is Lady night, I and my Girl friends plan to go to 1 Attitude Roof Bar, we reached at 8pm, not much people yet
We took lift to 61 floor and then changed to another lift to 62.
When you go in, 62 there is another massionate floor to the roof.
we arrive at 8.30pm, there is a band, they had playing the pop music
The scenery was good, and you can see the lighting of Singapore. Can u imagine u having a wine at 62 floor high and with a strong wind blow…
If you wan to have a good view and sit, you must reserve in advance !!!
The most important thing of course was take picture la!!!
Inside quite dark, picture with a lot of noisy, but the environment was good !!
Cheer my ladies !!!
The red color with cinnamon named woodpecker, I choose with cocktail because of the name but I not really like the taste.
The yellow color with peppermint named attitude affair, with a strong lime fragrance !!
The last giant cup named pink flood, Er… Only got soda taste !!!


1Altitide Roof Bar – 在大厦顶楼的天空酒吧

星期三是Lady night,所以我们都会在星期三去,不然是须要入门票的。我们吃了晚餐8.30pm就上去吹风了。也因为要订座是须要基本消费的,所以我们没订座,也因此需要避开人朝,在这是愈夜愈美丽。
1 Altitude,one Raffle 62楼的天台,所以你须要程搭电梯到61楼,然后换另外一部到62楼,因为那有一个阁楼天台。所以我称这为天空上的酒吧!
Cheer!我用我手中的“woodpecker”和姐妹手中的Altitude Afair, pink flood 干杯。 祝我们永远美丽,如盛开的玫瑰!


[:en]Garden by the bay Flower Dome and Cloud Forest [:zh]滨海湾花园 Garden by the bay[:]

[:en]I got a pair of ticket from company on Feb.2014 and I was visited during Tulip Mania festival, most of my co-worker have been to there before so I have viewed  ‘N’ times for picture of Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.. so I don’t think these 2 dome can surprise me much!  but I was wrong, because when you see something with your own eye which is 4D, and this is a totally difference feeling by looking at 2 D picture, so come on, feel it, touch it see it by using your own..

Gardens by the Bay spans a total of 101 hectares of prime land at the heart of Singapore’s new downtown – Marina Bay. Comprising three waterfront gardens – Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central – Gardens by the Bay will be a showcase of horticulture and garden artistry that will bring the world of plants to Singapore and present Singapore to the World.
This is the flower Dome,  Flower Dome is a conservatory with many different themes like amazon, Australia Garden, Africa Garden etc. with different kind of authentic species like cactus and flowers.
This plant look cute, I love it so much, I never been to dessert, but look great.

p/s: inside was cold so wear more and stay warm. 🙂

This is Australia Garden, just beside the entrance
not just flower but tree, can u see this?
During if Tulip Mania festival 10 million od tulip was import from Nederland, so you no need to go a 4 season country to see tulip you also can see it at Singapore.


look Great , if you love tulip and you will love here, anywhere  don’t save the film, nope !! don’t save the memories in camera.. just shoot !!!
this is the flower fist time bring to Singapore named Black Jack, but look like purple jack…


Make sure that your camera are full of battery and capture all the memorable moment !!!



lazy to participate, so I didn’t do it…
I am so great to saw PM LEE at garden by the way, he have long time didn’t appeal at public area. anywhere smile and wave with him.. hahaha !!!

can you see many people suddenly came to exist.. they all want to see PM Lee and take picture of him..

Cloud Forest is a conservatory of different species on the mountain with self-generated cloud and a beautiful waterfall.


The Cloud Forest is higher but slightly smaller at 0.8 hectares (2.0 acres). It replicates the cool moist conditions found in tropical mountain regions between 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) and 3,000 metres (9,800 ft) above sea level, found in South-East Asia, Middle- and South America. It features a 42-metre (138 ft) “Cloud Mountain”, accessible by an elevator, and visitors will be able to descend the mountain via a circular path where a 35-metre (115 ft) waterfall provides visitors with refreshing cool air.(Wiki)



This is the secret garden, look adorable rite ??  this is the last level, until now.. I am super tired.. so the last will be .. Bye !!


MRT Bayfrant 下站,看指示牌就到了。金沙酒店与赌场就在附近。
滨海湾花园Flower Dome ,是世界十大溫室花园之一。长居新加坡的我,每到夏天或不同花季,都会买票,进来享受清凉的绿意。




这些Black Jack, 可是特别的品种哦!





云雾林 Cloud Forest是滨海湾花园的一大特色。在这个封闭的空间内,有一座 35 米高的苍翠云山,烟雾缭绕,宛如仙境中,更有瀑布飞流直下。您将发现这山种满了来自热带的高原的植物,每一层云山种着不同海拔的植物。彷佛是一座真山之中。我只能说只缘身在此山中,云深不知处。
 只需SGD8.00 就能从OCBC Skyway穿梭在擎天大树之間,從22公尺高眺望这处美景。
不过我个人喜欢到Super tree的Indo China一边享受越南亚洲美食,一边俯瞰天下。Super tree比OCBC Skyway 高啊!


[:en]1 day Trip to Pulau Ubin [:zh]新加坡最后一个甘榜-乌敏岛(Pulau Ubin)[:]

[:en]This was a windy morning, Yen chiu worried going to rain, but fortunately this was a cloudy Saturday.  We meet at Changi ferry terminal and paid SGD 2.50 and took this boat to Pulau Ubin, Pulau is Malay word of ‘island’ and the English will be Ubin island . There are 24 hrs boat services but if not enought 12 person, and passenger need to pay extra. 


After 10 minutes ride, we arrived the last “Kampung” in Singapore – Pulau Ubin. we took a nice picture at the entrance and here we are!!!
The first thing we did was choose the right bike for ourself . Price range from SGD 8-12/ day. And this bike will help you travel whole Pulau Ubin.
The entrance will have a lot of bike rental shop, I strongly advise you choose the new bike, I got my bike at first shop, I felt their services no so good and the price higher than other..
This is a very clean and peaceful village and what we do was ” look look see see” lo…
After crossing over Jelutong bridge (from Jetty), not far ahead to the right-side of the track is Merbah Hut. This hut marks the start point to a hike up the highest hill in P. Ubin, Bukit Puaka, with the highest elevation reaching between 70 to 80 metres. There is no conspicuous signboard to catch the attention of passer-by to this viewing point. This makes Merbah hut an important landmark. Park your bike by the hut, lock it and follow the trail by the side up until you reach the peak where the trail ends.
So romantic rite? I took their picture secrectly, but I think they knew !!! This is a good dating place and can bring girl girl here to let the wind blow lo…


 Cycling and having coconut drink are our main activities at Pulau Ubin, the weather was hot, hence we felt the coconut at here extremely cool and sweet..
We felt hungry and having our lunch at restaurant near Jetty, the price not expensive but the taste really so so, but we still finished all, after cycling we was exhausted.


Highly advise come there befor you start your journey, you can get your travel tips here, the office are very helpful so just use it, don’t waste it. Hahaha ….

Taller three at this island…

At the end of the Coastal Boardwalk, there was the choice of continuing on along a Mangrove Boardwalk, which included a 20-metre high observation tower, or heading back to the Visitor Information Counter.


You may have a great dating with a gang of gentle wild board in front of House number one.

While at Chek Jawa, don’t miss the chance to visit House No. 1, located behind the Information Counter and on the way to Viewing Jetty. This cottage is built in a Tudor-style and is now a Visitor Centre. The kids had a fun look around the building which has the only remaining fireplace in Singapore.

We back around 5PM, all of us was extremely tire, but I think was fun, especially we though we cannot travel with whole island, and we did it..[:zh]


岛上是没有气车的,所以第一件事,就是去租单车,价格为SGD8-12 一天,那里有许多单车业主,你也可以精心挑选心仪的单车,作为环岛一日游的主要交通工具。



拿了地图后,就能出发了,我们选了Jelutong Road 去Bukit Puaka。那里是岛上的最高点,如果你和我一样喜欢在旅行时,在高处俯瞰一圈周围。那你一定喜欢这里。我们到时,有对洋人情侣在那谈情,他们也被我们几个话燥的女人,打挠了。




吃饭足饭了后,选择了另一条路前往House No1,荷兰式小洋房和里面的介绍。在小洋房外,可以看见很多的温顺的山猪。



最后来到岛上的湿地-check Jawa,看看在湿地生长的生物.





  1. 穿着以淸凉,轻便为主。
  2. 请带足够的现钱,岛上是不收信用卡的。
  3. 请带是够的水,不然你须要付SGD 3.50 买椰子水
  4. 记得带蚊子驱逐液
  5. 记得和单车店借一个锁,也记得当你到了目的地,把单车放一旁时,记得上锁

离樟宜码头不远处,Changi Village Hawker Center 的椰浆饭很有名,有三个不同的档囗,每档都很好吃哦!可以去吃吃看。

如果不喜欢Nasi Lemak,Changi Village还有一间有名的Cafe-Chock Full Of Bean ,有名的3D咖啡很可爱,而且Pizza,,Salad,Pasta都好吃,只是大多时候人朝很多啊!

Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090, Changi, 500004 Tel: 6214 8839