[:en]Macau and Hong Kong 6 days 5ight @ SGD 613/pac ( all In ) [:zh]6天五夜香港与澳门之旅SGD659就够了![:]

[:en]One of my hobby is monitor air ticket and grab good bargain ticket.  due to economic crisis and dramatic drop of  cruel oil  price, most of the airline ( main and budget ) having a promotion during 2016. my philosophy of travel is comfort but best price. there are rule of thumb in order to full fill my need.

1) Monitor and grab the promotion Air ticket
2) look for 3 starts hotel/nice Air B&B
3) Do not hesitate to send email to tourist board to get sufficient information.
these 3 rule of thumb helped me to grab a lot of incredible deal.
example:- special Promotion The Ann Black – YWCA hotel @ SGD 75/night (Breakfast included)
               – restaurant deal
               – Altera Hotel @ SGD 70/night but this is abnormal case.
               -Air ticket to Macau @ SGD 88 (return)
I must said Hong Kong & Macau tourist board did excellent job for me, they replied email within 3 hours. if you no believe you can experience yourself by using below link
Day 1

We travel via Jetstar and reached Macau at Midnight. We was so tired and took a taxi to hotel. The receptionist of Century hotel told us due to centre air-conditional break down, they transferred us  to another hotel named – Altira Hotel. we accepted unless we want to stay with room without air-con. when we reach Altira Hotel we was so surprise, the room was really nice and luxury, further more we paid only SGD 70/ night.


The jacuzzi was good, and there a transparent glass so u view the Macau full view while doing jacuzzi
You can see the mantress so high and thick 16 inc and the mattress very comfortable
Complimentary organic  tea bag and coffee and with a basket of fruit.
Day 2
Macau have 4 main areaz:- peninsular Macau, Taipa, cotai and coloane.
We walk to the Rua do Cunha ( Guang ye jie) is the most famous street at Taipa village.
No need to pay any transportation fee within Macau, all the tourist spot are walking distance and there are thousand of difference hotel shuttle bus, you just need to grab a map from tourist board and check where you want to go and near to which hotel.
Marine museum @ Macau
Macau Towel
Rua do Cunha ( Guang ye jie)  Portugal Restaurant very nice.
We took turbo jet to Hong Kong, you may buy the ticket on counter, purchase in advance and reservation not require.

Dai Yu Shan(Big Buddha)Lantau Island
Reached Hong Kong
The first impression when we reach Hong Kong, the harbour is full of smell,  Hong Kong Chinese name 香港 (fragrance harbour) , but the smell at the Harbour not so nice actually. so we quick run away from Ferry, and we brought the octopus card (easy link card) and travel by MTR to Yau Ma.
Hong Kong Must try
Hong kong style coffee shop to tried their tropical food like instant noodle with hotdog/luncheon meat and roasted chicken/duck rice.  traditional dessert shop ( Yee Shun Mink Shop) to tried their most famous dessert jingles milk Pudding .
Hong Kong restaurant, they will serve water or tea, buy no main for drinking purpose but actually use to waste chopstick. (weird culture right, we will assume restaurant provide customer with clean chopstick)
 We took taxi to hotel (The Ann Black -YWCA Hotel), Hong Kong promotion and we just paid HKD 350/night and got a free upgrade.
Address : The Anne Black – YWCA,
5 Man Fuk Road,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : (852) 2713 9211
AT night, we took the bus from the bus stop nearby to Hall of fame (Xing Guang Da Dao), at 8pm have the special laser performance but look normal only
The Octopus card only to tag 1 time, unlike easy link need to tag in and out, the funny
Victoria Harbour -the 3 of the most beautiful harbour in the world

Around 9pm we took MTR travel to Yau Ma Tei, we went to Temple Street night market, they got a lot of thing to see and buy, but the seller not so polite actually. maybe I spoke mandarin hence they are not polite .. (my mandarin is too good !!!)I entered a kiosk  that selling Hello Kitty Stuff, and the auntie said : not easy to travel to overseas, this items unable to buy at China,  must buy some souvenir to family. catch no ball. I told this story to other, everybody told me the same thing she think I am people from China.

Hui lau Shan Dessert house is good must try !!!although no must difference from Singapore and Malaysia shop
Shop at Temple Street
Day 3
We brought the Disney ticket from hotel and we got a soft toy for free, and we checked Disney website selling at USD 17.90/pc .
We travel via MTR to Tung Chung, when you out from Tung Chung is Tung Chung branded outlet, is very convenient. there is  near to Dai Yu Shan(Big Buddha)Lantau Island but at that time the cable car on maintenance hence we didn’t go up.
we enjoyed shopping at Tung Chuang, we found Raph Lauren Polo Tee quite a good bargain , and sport shoes and Coach also quite good price, so I cannot control my desire to have them and we just grabbed some back to Singapore.
after all we took MTR to Disney (very near to Tung Chung Station), we are so regret not come early, the Q damn long and very crowded, but we still enjoy very much inside.
At MTR Disney line
 Woman Street – we watched the firework until 8.30 something and travel to Woman street look for food and shopping. I want to try Hong Kong Style porridge and wanton Mee (I choose the most crowded restaurant to enter) friendly speaking I think most of the restaurant at Hong Kong taste all quite good  I just simply choose one
Day 4

We had Hong Kong Style breakfast at hotel, the serving was abundance. Meat ball Noodle with American breakfast. I just don’t understand why the set come with 3 cups of beverage? Milk, Orange juice, Coffee or tea ?We travelled to ShaTin station by train, New Town Plaza, New Territories. we took picture at Snoopy World, at the roof top of New Town Plaza, Is free entry play ground for children. Snoopy world is not big place but nice place for photography.

Tip: please add Dr Kong shoes in your shopping list, because the price cheaper than Singapore a lot.(you may check at New Town Plaza outlet)

We took the most famous dessert house at Hong Kong” Moon Dessert” is nice but very expensive lo
Lunch time we went to Yung Yee Restaurant, this is the best restaurant that recommended by most of the food magazine and of course very expensive.  This restaurant have won a lot of prize, but too bad this Restaurant closed down due to some their own family affair, but luckily I tried, not a bad restaurant, but charging with high price.
we have order charity set and I paid around HKD 689 for lunch if covert to SGD 146 for items below only
Gold Metal Roasted gooses  is the most popular dish at there, and must try
overall is a nice lunch but too expensive .
opposite Yun kee is Hung Zhi Ji is a quite famous wanton Mee Restaurant, but I never try for this.
We shopped at central area, we just saw a lot of branded boutique, and not sure where is where actually.
afternoon we want to go to the peak -The Victoria Peak Hong Kong Tram – From Garden Road, Central. $3 one-way. Number 15 Bus. From Admiralty MTR Station.
so terrible of the bus, and we can feel that the buy was really near to the boundary, few less that 10 cm that the bus will drop from the mountain
People go to The peak main to relax or see though rich people house at Hong Kong, and we did brought 2 cup coffee and having a afternoon tea there
View from The Peak
Day 5
 The Best Egg tart in Hong Kong. ( there have a lot of outlet)

friendly speaking I not recognise the road at all, I just knew at peninsular Hong Kong and at the central part, unfortunately the shop closed down. this Restaurant operated for 42 years old but due to rental issue and closed down ( Li Wan Mee and Porridge restaurant )

Mai En Ji  most popular and history wanton mee shop at Hong Kong, if you didn’t try you never come to Hong Kong, inside the small shop are very crowned most of them are local people, because this shop are not at the visitor tourist spot.

we checked out at 3.pm ( Promotion period late check out for free), and we back to Macau via Ferry again.

We checked in at 5.30pm at Century hotel, you can see a very big difference with Altira hotel.

we took the free shuttle bus to casino Libosa, this is the older casino and hotel at Macau, we went to casino that can smoke, the hell with full of old folk, age group from 60-100 years old. we was he younger at the hall that time.
8pm there is 50% of cake promotion at Libosa Hotel, and after half price will be SGD 2.00, and the cake was so nice, much more better than any cake shop at Singapore.
besides that is Casino Grand Libosa, which is new one and just beside Libosa which is connected, but the players are younger and singing performance was nice and I enjoy so much.
We played a visit to almost all 5-6 stars Wynn hotel was very Luxury, and the money tree will open hourly
we finished our cake and we went to Aomén Yúrén Mǎtóu(Aomen Yuren Matou), wow!! FOC !! and very nice for picture shooting and so big inside you can spend a lot of time inside.
 Aomén Yúrén Mǎtóu(Aomen Yuren Matou) /Macau Fisherman’s Wharf
casino in side  Aomén
Day 6
I don’t like the environment at Century hotel breakfast buffer, and we had our breakfast at Angela’s café
very nice of this café and not so expensive, I like the pork burger so much and the toast very delicious. we went to Da shan ba after breakfast.
Senado Square -Senado square , one of the favorite popular destinations in Macau was constructed by the colonial rulers of Macau showcasing their glory and superior designing capabilities. This attraction has been a splendid blend of Chinese and Portuguese cultural traits.
Macau Senado square with an area of 3200 sqkm is the largest conjunction of streets. It is well decorated and paved with a wave-patterned montage of colored stones, created by Portuguese experts . Senado square was built in 1918 to link Praia Grande with the inner harbor. With its way through the old “Christian quarter” and “Chinatown” it became an attraction for the tourists.
Red Bean Jinger steam milk
papaya Milk -Nee Shun steam milk (Hong Kong Company)
Bonjour -cosmetic shop sell a lot of beauty product and very cheap, you can buy perfume /cosmetic at there ( available at Hong Kong and Macau)
Historic Centre of Macao in the area Da San Ba (Ruins of St Paul)
– The very famous Christian cathedral, which is now the remains ever since a disastrous fire in 1835. It is a 400 years historical building!! There is one museum located next to this building. Inside the museum, it will show the culture and the history of Macau. Lotus flower just at below of the staircase.
Ruins of St Paul burned by the fire, you can see it from the back
just beside St Paul, you just need to walk 5 minute from there
 Margaret’s Café -I don’t like egg tart, but I ate 1pc, normally I will 1will take 1 bit  and throw away. this egg tart really make me impress..
Margaret’s Café e Nata 玛嘉烈蛋挞 (Macau) Gum Loi Building, Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C


Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
Opening Hours: Daily 630am to 10pm (Closed on Wed)
How to get there: At ferry terminal, take a free shuttle bus to Lisboa Casino. Margaret’s Café e Nata is just 200m away from Lisboa Casino. All you have to do is walk towards the direction of Senado Square
 I love it , no need to check so many map, just ask the people in the shop or local, they sure know.
MGM Hotel
Racing Museum -no time to enter just pass by
 We went to Venetian for photo shoot, The Venetian Macao is a luxury hotel and casino resort in Macau owned by the Las Vegas Sands. The Venetian is a 40-story, $2.4 billion anchor for the seven hotels on the Cotai Strip in Macau.
having Macdonald in Venetian -the pork burger and chocolate pie
Full view of peninsular Macau
City of dream -New Hotel belong to The sand just beside Venetian, is new and inside very nice With 4D movie ticket, at the time is free..
2 person all in
no Items Spending (SGD ) Remark
1 Hotel (YWCA)
Century hotel
336 Macau Hotel 70/night, Hotel 65/night
2 Food 300
3 Transport 200 included Ferry Round trip
4 Disney Ticket 180
5 Air Ticket 210 SGD 88/person +Luggage
Total 1226
2 pcs
2 pair


如果要省钱,那一定要等廉价航空限时打折。我抢到了Jetstar @ SGD88的来回机票。算了一下,全程两人才用了SGD1318,那原来我才用了SGD659就完成了香港和澳门之旅


1) 酒店货比三家,Trivago.com可以帮助你
2) 三星酒店和AirB&B是不错的选择
香港旅游局特别折扣:The Ann Black – YWCA hotel @ SGD 75/night (Breakfast included),Free Upgrade
澳门旅游局发了香港康泰旅社,新世纪酒店Century Hotel SGD70/ night, 把我们转去了新豪峰酒店Altera Hotel
-飞机票@ SGD 88 (return)
我们搭了Jetstar 到澳门机场,抵达是已经是已经午夜时分了。可是酒店接待处,告诉我们冷汽坏了,把我们转去了另一间靠近的酒店。我们就这样被转去了Altira酒店。



看见了吧,很舒服的大床,Jacuzzi ,各种酒杯-酒杯还是温热的。





 从港澳码头搭turbo jet去香港。不需要提前购买。
 turbo Jet 彺返港澳码头
 The Ann Black -YWCA @ HKD 350/night free upgrade.
Address : The Anne Black – YWCA,
5 Man Fuk Road,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : (852) 2713 9211
搭港铁到油麻地站,找到 C 出口,一出来后,出口左侧就有文明里的路标,迴转跟著路标走,走没几分钟就可以看到佔聚半条马路的兴记煲仔饭了。



我们走着走着在Veeko 买了几件衣服,然后我要求大伙一起去半岛酒店上厕所,我们从铜锣湾走去尖沙咀,然后在步行去座天星小轮,天星小轮是香港最便宜的过海交通,一定要座座看。晚上我们去了女人街


今天是自由行的第一天,我们吃了酒店早餐后来到了车公庙。村民相信車公能保佑他們免受洪水瘟疫之患,所以就蓋了這座廟。相傳,車公是宋朝(公元960至1279年)一位大元帥,曾平定華南一場叛亂。南宋末年,宋帝昺南下避難,車大元帥一直護駕到香港,並駐守西貢。後來獲道教奉為神明,並立廟供奉。 Source: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/tc/see-do/culture-heritage/chinese-temples/che-kong沙田車公廟現址,原本是一座已有300年歷史的廟宇,後於1994年改建成目前的模樣。
交通:MTR 沙田“车公庙”站

沙田站的新城市广场。那里有Snoopy Land可以拍很可爱的照片。
来香港必买Dr Kong的鞋子,新城市广场的店比较大,比较多款式。


Day 5
黄大仙,去到那里时才发现,原来黄大仙不是你要拜就能拜的还要是member 才可以进来拜,不然你就只能在外面拜,当然那庙呢帮大家准备了垫,和在外面拜的地方,其实在这方面我十分不了解。当然这也阻止香港人喜欢在这里抢头柱香,想到这里时,我最有印象的是吴君茹在金鸡抢头柱香的画面。然来到黄大仙,我可是有求求签的,然后在香港解签的纸是要HKD30 的,这在新加坡和马来西亚是免费的。




早餐我们来到了Angela’s cafe。食物很给力,又大,又香….
议事亭前地-Senado Square -Senado square
Bonjour 卓悦-香水化装品,都蛮便宜的


Margaret’s Café e Nata 玛嘉烈蛋挞 (Macau) Gum Loi Building, Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C


Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau



MGM Hotel
City of dream