[:en]Seoul and Jeju Island trip[:]

[:en]This is the first time I travel with my best friends Winnie, and  her family, we signed this travel package at Nasta fair – CS travel. friendly speaking this is not a very good experience with the tour guide, because he keep talking the Korea affair and said Korea Man not good, we went to Korea for fun not married and we don’t feel good for all this affair… But this was the first travel experience with best friends, best of you this trip we great experience.

Day 1 DongHea Harbour red light tower and Donghae Seafood Market, after that we went to Yongpyong Ski Resort
 The room was extremely big, 2 room for 2 person and you can choose tatami or standard room.
  This is the show machine for winter ski
Korean drama accompany for my university life, one of the most popular drama will be “winter sonata”

Sometime I think Korean are creative , using veggie to deco !

Used fruit to deco also !

Fresh seafood at Donghae Seafood Market, the road was small so need to be very careful while u attract by the seafood  that never come across before !
In Korean banana milk and market o brownie are must try items so we got it one day one bottle !
Day 2
Everland theme park is an exciting festival world with thrilling rides and lively entertainment to realize one’s dream, mesmerize children and delight adults. DIY Kimchi, , you can enjoy manufacturer a Kimchi by DIY. Korean traditional custom-how to skill and colour matching in wearing. you also become the most attracting person on that day by wearing the Korean traditional wedding custom, and enjoy

Our lunch – Korean style alway come with assorted of side dish

Ice gallery is the world’s first world ‘s first indoor ice sculpture gallery that is open year-round. Visitor can also participate in hand -on scripture programs ‘  such as marking my own ice cup’

Day 3

we can see Korean famous city river, Cheonggyecheon, we shall drive past the president Blue House and notional Fork Museum. then transfer to shop spree where you can purchase Korean Ginseng, a must in your shopping list . Cosmetic shop -experience the most popular skin maintaining way, ladies can also learn how to makeup, Amethyst Factory where they showcase beautiful purplr crystal jewels which many believe brings in good luck and many other advantages make its famous all over the world. continue shopping at Dongdaemum all the fashionable shops gather here as a wholesale market which offer many items at an optimal prices. Fanta stick show, combination of Stringed and percussion instrument have become a permanent public performance here

Day 4

 we took domestic flight from Seoul to Jeju island, and for your information, no passport require, free sit basic, and please come to queue early.
the first destination to proceed in the JEJU island was Yongduam rock, this is a large rock, formation shaped like dragon head. Nest we proceed to Mysterious road.

This is the god of guidance

This was Our diner, is look simple amazing and delicious. Jeju island are famous for seafood , especially abalone and king crab. Well ! We are just simply choose one and have a good tried. But the food was really impress me .. To many side dish .. And all look so good !! Awesome !!!

Day 5

We went to mandarin farm at jeju, in here very famous for mandarin chocolate

This was the last day, in Korean, after that we will need to rush to airport and flight over to Shanghai.

This is the mountain of jeju Island, and very famous to watch for the sun rise. But we cannot wake up early and we just had a very good walking to the hill. The air so fresh which that when u having a deepest breath, and u can feel the clean air full in your lung ..

Is the time to say bye to lovely Korea . Bye bye !