[:en]Travel With Parent -Germany, France and Netherland [:zh]带着两老夏日游欧洲-德国,法国。下[:]


Day 5 we came to Cologne

Cologne is a 2,000-year-old city , spanning the Rhine River in western Germany, is the region’s cultural hub. A landmark of High Gothic architecture set amid reconstructed old town, the twin-spired Cologne Cathedral is also known for its gilded medieval reliquary and sweeping river views. The adjacent Museum Ludwig showcases 20th-century art, including many masterpieces by Picasso, and the Romano-Germanic Museum houses Roman antiquities.

The Cathedral is still the second highest building in Cologne after the telecommunications tower.


the shopping district just Besides Cologne Cathedral , Summer sales season and have a great discount, I really enjoy my shopping here.



After visiting the cathedral,our German friend took us to this area which is one of the oldest in Cologne.These colourful houses date back to the 1500s and still contain the businesses they ran then.Walk around the side streets and absorb the atmosphere.It is well worth a visit.

When u pass by Hauptbahnhof, don’t forget to grab a  curry wurst.

we use the free wifi in hauptbahnnof to find good restaurant for dinner

This is the restaurant highly recommended by traveller :-

is a good restaurant with good bargain.

Conner Hofbräu

P.Josef Fruhkg

Address : Am Hof 12-16, 50667 Koln

Wurst-Germany Wurst the best wurst in world, is a must try

Pork naga only Euro 13.90, awesome !!

Beer only Euro 1.50, ok which is cheaper then mineral water

Day 6

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond

Stands weir 2, 6041 TD Roermond


Can u imagine, we shopping for almost all day, and we brought Pendora, Prada … wow!! Europe is always be woman paradise.

we really enjoyed shopping here !!


Roermond -The Hanseatic town of Roermond has belonged to the duchy of Guelders for many centuries and remains the seat of the bishop of Limburg to this day. Brimming with cultural and historical artefacts, the town centre has been designated as a conservation area.

Roermond is a atmospheric town.  rich in cultural heritage. you can enjoys a unique location in the “Maasplassen“ lake district, on the banks of the Meuse, the Roer and Swalm. With a population of 56,000, the town is an excellent destination for shoppers.


Day 7 -Heidelberg

Heidelberg is home to around 150,000 people. The locals appreciate its world-renowned beauty and idyllic setting on the river Neckar at the heart of the ‘Rhine-Neckar Triangle’, but what they value most is the quality of life that the city offers.

Heidelberg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The picturesque ensemble of the castle, the Old Town, and the river Neckar surrounded by hills, which inspired the poets and artists of romanticism, still fascinates millions of visitors from all over the world today. But there’s more to Heidelberg than romanticism.

First mentioned in 1196, Heidelberg was planned and built, together with the castle, in the 13th century. Heidelberg’s heyday as the capital of the Electoral Palatinate began not least with the foundation of the university – today the oldest in Germany – in 1386. Heidelberg was one of the few major German cities to be largely spared the destruction of the World War II.

we drove 4hours to Neuschwanstein-Hohenschwangau

(Ticketcenter Neuschwanstein-Hohenschwangau)

Alpseestraße 12, D-87645 Hohenschwangau

+49 (0) 83 62 – 9 30 83 – 0



will have the pertinent information on visiting these two palaces. It makes no difference which you visit first. You pay to park in a parking lot in Hohenschwangau which sits in a valley between the the palaces. Hohenschwangau is an easy walk up to it, and there is also horse carriages going to it which park at a different place than the ones going to Neuschwanstein. The walk up to Neuschwanstein is steep and involves a fairly large elevation change..

Tickets are purchased ahead of time for both palaces in the ticket office below in the village. You will be given a choice of tour times and tour languages. Note that there is only one tour offered for each castle and it is done through this ticket office. You can also reserve tickets online for both tours. That have to be picked up at least an hour before the first tour.




Day 8

France – St r a s s bo r g

Strasbourg is the capital city of the Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine region in northeastern France. It’s also the formal seat of the European Parliament and sits near the German border, with culture and architecture blending German and French influences

I prefer Strassborg more then Paris, the people, the environment and so on!

Local France people are very friendly! we really enjoyed their hospitality !

Le Piano 2

Rue saints-Helene, 67000, Strasbourg

My favour brûlée


Day 9


Frankfurt, a central German city on the river Main, is a major financial hub that’s home to the European Central Bank

The oldest section of the town hall, bordering RomerBurg consists of three different structures with stepped gables, originally built between the fifteenth and eighteenth century in Gothic style.

The central building, known as ‘Zum Römer’ gave the town hall its name. ‘Zum Römer’ means ‘at the Roman’, referring to the Roman settlements that existed here long before the city of Frankfurt was founded. The building on the left is known as Alt-Limpurg and the one on the right is named Löwenstein.

Bridge of Sighs, Römer, Frankfurt

Bridge of Sighs

As was the custom at the time, the town hall served different purposes, both political and commercial.

Imori – Happiness dessert house

Braubachstr. 24, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany,


this was the place i wrote postcard …

The cake was really delicious, and the owner will be japes, hence the dessert and cake look really adorable !!

Day 10 -Back Home

Budget for 4 person ( SGD 2150/pac)

S/N Website Location Items Price Remark Total cost  ( SGD )
1 Tukish Airline Tukish Airline Air Ticket USD 1907 2780
2 Day 1 Booking.com Istanbul Le Petit Palace Hotel SGD 112 Transport Euro 30/trip = Euro 60 203
3 Day 2 Booking.com Amsterdam Trendy City Canal House SGD 592 Euro 45 cleaning 708.85
4 Day 3 Booking.com Amsterdam
5 Day 4 IHP App Cologne Holiday Inn Euro 60/night IHG point
6 Day 5 IHP App Cologne
7 Day 6 Booking.com Heideberg Ferien wohnung Familie SGD 395 400
8 Day 7 Booking.com Heideberg
9 Day 8 Booking.com Heideberg
10 Day 9 IHP App Amsterdam Holidays inn Euro 99/night 1 room IHG Point 160
11 car rental App Amsterdam Airport SGD 500 579
12 Excahnge SGD 1600 to Euro 1K 1600
13 Euro 120 balance 120
14 Food and Fuel (ticket) 1400
15 Insurance 2 person Annual 650
Total ( SGD) 8600.85


第五天 我们来到了靠近荷兰的一座德国城市-科隆。我们从羊角村驱车前往科隆Cologne. 大约三小时半左右的车程。在科隆最有名的就是科隆大教堂。

哥特式的科隆大教堂于1880 年落成,是当时世界上最大的建筑。 由此诞生的科隆大教堂以每年六百万人次的客流量问鼎德国最受欢迎的景点。 它的两个巨大的塔楼是世界上最高的教堂双塔,站在塔上可以纵览科隆 (Köln) 及城郊的风貌!

在教堂的珍宝馆中收藏有许多无价之宝,其中包括彼得鲁斯权杖和彼得鲁斯项链以及欧洲已知最古老的大型雕塑作品:格罗十字架 。

窗户上的彩色玻璃画、精雕细刻的唱诗班座椅以及出自 14 世纪的绘画作品也定会令人目不暇接。


渔人码头位于莱茵河畔,徳式小房子耸立于岸傍。渔人码头大多以餐厅、酒吧为主。当天的凉风习习吹过,嘴里轻哼着“fisherman song” 感受了弄潮儿的快乐。


走着走着,太阳也直正当中,我们的肚子也开始闹着革命。我们回到科隆火车站Hauptbahnhof 吃当地有名的curry wurst.火车站内有免费半小时上网,我们就在那上网找女好吃的德国猪脚。


走过了铁桥,来到了另个科隆地标Koln Triangle,程搭电梯上到顶楼是个开放式的天台。电梯费用为每人4欧元。如果你想眺望科隆,又不想爬科隆大教堂,这里是个不错的选择!


Conner Hofbräu

P.Josef Fruhkg

Address : Am Hof 12-16, 50667 Koln


这里的德国猪脚的配菜是烤马铃薯,而不是辣白菜。我觉的也很不错!价钱也不贵,Euro 13.90

德国是啤酒之乡,当然比较便宜,才Euro 1.50



McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond

Stands weir 2, 6041 TD Roermond


荷兰的McArthur Glen Desiner Outlet,里面应有尽有。我们在那逛了一个下午。还在里头的McDonald 吃午餐。



我们在逛完超市后,就前往德国的海德堡( Heideberg) 了。



海徳堡坐落于内卡河畔。内卡河在此处由狭窄而陡峭的 奥登山(Odenwald) 山谷流向莱茵河  河谷。



售票大厅(Ticketcenter Neuschwanstein-Hohenschwangau)

地址:Alpseestraße 12, D-87645 Hohenschwangau

电话:+49 (0) 83 62 – 9 30 83 – 0



天鹅湖堡/高天鹅湖堡  Euro 12

天鹅湖堡/高天鹅湖堡+博物馆 Euro 23

全馆通Euro 29.50







今天新天鹅堡(Schloss Neuschwanstein)和高天鹅堡(Schloss Hohenschwangau)的所在地區,在中世紀建有四座古堡。到了19世紀,這些古堡已經是一片残垣断壁。其中一座稱為「前天鵝石城堡(舊天鵝堡)」,在1830年代由马克西米利安二世(路德維希二世的父親)所下令建造的「高天鹅堡」取代。





  • 祈祷室
  • 桌球游戏房
  • 天鹅骑士大厅
  • 西恩房间
  • 贝西塔房间
  • 城堡仕女房间,曾是王后的起居室和接见大厅
  • 英雄大厅
  • 荷恩施道芬房间
  • 塔索房间
  • 维芬房间
  • 曾是个小图书室。
  • 奥塔利房间
  • 骑士房间

高天鹅湖堡里皇后和国王的卧室是分开的,而且不同层。皇后的卧室散发出浓浓的土耳其风味,那是在访问了土耳其后而改造的。而国王的卧室墙上是满满的西洋裸体任女图,就墙上和天花都是满满的油画!据说那油画的原料和上工是很繁荆的,一直到现在还未退色。问题是他不是传说中的gay 吗?我觉的很奇怪啦!


第八天-法国小镇St r a s s bo r g史特拉斯堡。法国和德国的边境小镇,数十多次被德国占领。今日不见战火的城市,却是带有点德国气息的法国小镇。

来到法国就是一个败家女当道的事。我们在Laffaye 开心的买包包,外面下起倾盆大雨却浑然不知。一直到钱财散尽,肚子空空时,出到外边,才发现外边已经变了天。

我们在绵绵细雨中撑着伞,来到了一间当地有名的餐厅。当时餐厅毫无一人,老板座在外边的餐椅,无奈的望着垂落的雨株。老板的不会说英语,不过他很有耐心的和我们比划,我们好像上了超级比一比,然后还是Goggle translat 救了我们。

我们点了三 course meal ,各有一个前菜,主食和甜品。

Le Piano 2

Rue saints-Helene, 67000, Strasbourg









第九天-Frankfurt – 法兰克福



Imori – 日式甜品店

Braubachstr. 24, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany,




Budget for 4 person ( SGD 2150/pac)

S/N Website Location Items Price Remark Total cost  ( SGD )
1 Tukish Airline Tukish Airline Air Ticket USD 1907 2780
2 Day 1 Booking.com Istanbul Le Petit Palace Hotel SGD 112 Transport Euro 30/trip = Euro 60 203
3 Day 2 Booking.com Amsterdam Trendy City Canal House SGD 592 Euro 45 cleaning 708.85
4 Day 3 Booking.com Amsterdam
5 Day 4 IHP App Cologne Holiday Inn Euro 60/night IHG point
6 Day 5 IHP App Cologne
7 Day 6 Booking.com Heideberg Ferien wohnung Familie SGD 395 400
8 Day 7 Booking.com Heideberg
9 Day 8 Booking.com Heideberg
10 Day 9 IHP App Amsterdam Holidays inn Euro 99/night 1 room IHG Point 160
11 car rental App Amsterdam Airport SGD 500 579
12 Excahnge SGD 1600 to Euro 1K 1600
13 Euro 120 balance 120
14 Food and Fuel (ticket) 1400
15 Insurance 2 person Annual 650
Total ( SGD) 8600.85



[:en]Europe trip with SGD 2.3k ( all in) Berlin,part 1 [:zh]玩转德.法.英.比.四国,只花了SGD2.3K[:]

[:en]We travelled via Lufthansa A380 to Frankfurt. It was our first time to Europe. We decided for free and easy trip which was very relaxing.  Our trip was from Frankfurt – Berlin – Paris – London and Belgium.

The transportation in Europe is  very expensive, hence I advise you must know what you want first before you buy the ticket. If you are under  25 years old, you are entitled for the youth rate.  Sad to say if you are over 25 years old, you have to take some time to calculate and expect to spend a little more. You may consider to purchase euro pass or buy point to point ticket. You may compare the prices on the links below.

http://www.eurorailways.com/products/trains_passes/multi_countries/index.htm  ( Euro pass)

http://www.bahn.com/i/view/GBR/en/ ( point to point ticket)



For us we chose  point to point ticket.

Frankfurt—(bahn Train )–> Berlin –(City Night line ) –> Paris –(Euro star) –> London —(Eurostar/DB Bahn special promotion, Stop over Belgium) –> Frankfurt

1) Bahn Train – Euro 59 (First Class Spcial) this is because, economy sold off
2) City Night Line – Euro 39 ( 6 person / cabin), very difficult to sleep
3)  Euro star -B.P 59 ( Special promotion)
4) Eurostar/DB Bahn special promotion, Stop over Belgium Euro

You can save more than half if you buy from point to point compared buying euro pass.  Euro pass excluded Euro star,  hence you need to buy if you want to travel to London, moreover some countries needto pay booking fee.

Please also buy train ticket in advance in order to get the promotion price, there is a very big difference with original price, and I spent 6 month monitoring promotions before buying tickets. The speed trains in Europe are very innovative and nice. Don’t miss the chance to experience speed trains when you travel in Europe. Another important thing to remember  is to book your ticket in advance. Ensure your hotel has Air-con in summer.  All the hotels in Europe have heater but not all have  air-con. Furthermore,  you must know which type of hotel you want to stay. For example,  some of the special hotel like : jail at 13 century /castle /ice house and so on.. you must check in advance. I consider strategies and convenience for transportation  in booking a hotel. Hotels near the main station are very convenient and money saving which will allow you to travel by public transport.

Day 1
We reached Frankfurt at 6am, the weather was cold around 8-9 degree, and we weree so happy. This  is my first time to be in a country with a temperature lower than 10 degrees. Our train was 9 am and we still had ample of time so we walked around within airport area and looked for the way to the main station (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof). We were so surprised that we could use the Airport trolley to main station which is the next building. We saw  people pushing  trollies. A nice guide showed us the way. The escalator doesn’t look big but seems to have a good quality.
We thought train from Frankfurt to Berlin is more than 4 hours. We meet a local lady named  Evelyn Hubler. She’s traveling to Berlin to look after her niece. She was so nice and informative. She talked about every station we passed by. That made our trip knowledgeable though I couldn’t remember every name of the town.  I could only remembera lot of Novel Prize winners born in Germany.

We reached our hotel a bit earlier than check in time. We were surprise to have our keys that enable us to put our luggage in our room before heading to our walking adventure within the hotel area.Our hotel is strategically located. It’s just 5 minutes walk from Berlin Hautbahof. There were many guests in our hotel from different ages and races.

We stayed at Menninger hotel
Berlin Hautbahof,
10557 Berlin

Tel: 49(0)3066636-100

We went to the tourist board counter at main station to  get a copy of map and inquiry how to go to some of tourist red spot. We didn’t do any research  because  we were looking forward a adventurous  trip.

It’s so easy to travel around Berlin. If you encounter any problem you just need to look for DB Bahn information center. The best part of visiting the information center  was having free chocolates. On our first day we had Ferrero Rocher (coconut flavor) and traditional German biscuit on our second day.

This was the first place we visited. It’s interior and external design were both beautiful. It’s a long way up to reach the top but worth trying. The view was so amazing.

Berlin Cathedral

Address : Am Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Automobil Forum Unter den Linden, Street Unter den Linden 21

We walked around and saw Bugatti in the show window. We walked in and saw luxury cars that we rarely see in Singapore. Of course taking photos with the beautiful cars was a must.

This is a coffee shop inside the Automabill Forum. Thumps up to this coffee shop. We tried champagne cake. It has a strong champagne fragrance with very smooth filling  covered  with chocolate. It would only take you just one bite to remember it’s taste for a lifetime.
This is the Brandenburg Gate

Located in no-man’s land between East and West Germany. During the Cold War, this famous monument was built in 18th-century  during the reign of Friedrich Wilhelm II. It’s been a defining symbol  of Berlin.

Address: Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Architectural style: Greek Revival

Reichstag building-
The Reichstag building is a historical edifice in Berlin, Germany, constructed to house the Imperial Diet, of the German Empire. It was opened in 1894 and housed the Diet until 1933.
All the buildings and attractions we visited were just a walking distance. You don’t need to worry about the transportation, just enjoy yourself.
In Germany there’s no any gate at the station. You could also travel for free but we still bought our tickets for all the transport in Berlin town.

The Kaufhaus des Westens usually abbreviated to KaDeWe, it is the second-largest department store in Europe; trumped only by Harrods in London.
The store is located on Tauentzienstraße, a major shopping street, between Wittenbergplatz and Breitscheidplatz, near the center of the former West Berlin.
Address: Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin, Germany

Day 2
we wake up at 8am and having breakfast at hotel, after that, we went to the Bahn information counter, because tourist board not open at Sunday. the customer services have showed us where, how and take what bus to berlin wall. she lead us the faster way, her information super clear, she even told us how many stop to alight.
Berlin wall
The Berlin Wall was a barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic starting on 13 August 1961, that completely cut off  West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin. The barrier included guard towers placed along large concrete walls, which circumscribed a wide area that contained anti-vehicle trenches, fakir beds and other defenses. The Eastern Bloc claimed that the wall was erected to protect its population from fascist elements conspiring to prevent the “will of the people” in building a socialist state in East Germany. In practice, the Wall served to prevent the massive emigration and defection that marked Germany and the communist Eastern Bloc during the post-World War II period.
besides that, we went to the world war museum, I watched the video people espcape from Berlin, hope for freedom.
After all we went to Carlottenburg Palace (Schloss Charlottenburg), I looked for toilet urgently but I cannot found any toilet at there, no choice we went to a turkey restaurant to look for toilet and having lunch there, Berlin have many turkey restaurant selling turkey food, if compare with other crusine, the price rather cheap

Charlottenburg is the largest palace in Berlin and the only surviving royal residence in the city dating back to the time of the Hohenzollern family. The palace was built at the end of the 17th century and was greatly expanded during the 18th century. It includes much exotic internal decoration in baroque and rococo styles. A large formal garden surrounded by woodland was added behind the palace

Address: Spandauer Damm 20-24, 14059 Berlin, Germany
Thursday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
 Berlin have one very famous food, and my friends told me only at Berlin, Curry Wurst, and the most famous wurst will be Curry 36, Wurst = sausage, in Germany unable to find hot + Spicy curry, Curry Wurst not taste will curry much like Tomato saucer + herb /spice . the taste not bad actually. 🙂
The last station will be worldtime clock,  The World Time Clock is one of the Alexanderplatz’s most well-known features. It was constructed in 1969 as part of the square’s redevelopment and has become a popular meeting point.

Weighing 16 tonnes and 10 metres tall, it features a revolving cylinder with the world’s 24 time zones bearing the names of major cities in each zone. The mechanism constructed in a way which enables the current time in each zone to be read.
The clock is topped by a simplified model of the solar system, and is a astronomical clock.

we took the City night line to Paris, you reached early, unlike Singapore /Malaysia Train system, Germany train system very puncture and move very fast, we brought economic ticket, 6person in cabin, we meat a French at Train, and he told us nowadays the public security very bad in Paris because employment from country side cause they move to city and they have no money to survive at Paris, the living cost is very high at Paris. Besides that I saw a lot of people ( but I don’t know, Frence or other nationality, they all not look like Frence) ask u to write in the book and force you for donation, they are so terrible can even follow u for whole street.


我用了SGD2.3K 逛了西欧四国,全程住二三星房有浴室的打折好康酒店。新加坡到德国-法兰克福的飞机票SGD950(LFA380),最大的用费就是这个了。贵有贵的玩,省钱也有省钱的玩法,绝对是舒服不委屈的快乐旅游哦!
欧洲的交通是很贵的,由其高速火车(high speed train)是真的不便宜。所以旅游计划和提早购买是必要的,因为计划能让你知道,你要怎样的旅游?要买欧洲火车通行证(Euro Pass,),各国交通通行证(Eg:Swiss pass/ Ger Pass/Italy pass…),还是定点火车票(point to point ) ?还有年龄有超过25岁吗?如果没有超过有youth rate折扣。学生不超过三十岁也有学生折扣。再如果你和我一样没折扣,那我们一起来精打细算吧!我们可以在有折扣时,购买高速火车票,因为价格真的差很多。
德国。法兰克福–(bahn Train )–> 徳国。柏林-(City Night line ) –> 法国。巴黎 –(Euro star) –> 英国。伦敦 —(Eurostar/DB Bahn special promotion, Stop over 比利时) –> 徳国。法兰克福
1) 法兰克福到柏林Bahn Train – Euro 59 First Class
2) 柏林到巴黎City Night Line – Euro 39 ( 6 person / cabin)
3)  巴黎到伦敦Euro star -B.P 59 ( Special promotion)
4) 伦敦到法兰克福Eurostar/DB Bahn special promotion, Stop over Belgium Euro

http://www.bahn.com/i/view/GBR/en/ ( point to point ticket)

到英国只有这间Euro Star


4小时的火车很有趣,我们在火车上遇见了一名徳国女士名叫Evelyn Hubler。她为我们介绍了火车经过的小镇名人与事。在头等车内的搭客,知道我们第一次来欧洲后纷纷买了当地食物让我们尝。
Menninger hotel
Berlin Hautbahof,
10557 Berlin
Tel: 49(0)3066636-100
在德国DB Bahn的服务中心比旅游局还好用,早开迟关,资料足,而且还有巧克力拿,也能在那购买游客车资卡。

Berlin Cathedral
Address : Am Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin, Germany



Automobil Forum Unter den Linden, Street Unter den Linden 21
Brandenburg Gate
Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Reichstag building


Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin, Germany
Carlottenburg Palace (Schloss Charlottenburg)

Address: Spandauer Damm 20-24, 14059 Berlin, Germany

Thursday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
晚餐我们来到了柏林著名小吃curry36,在柏林最有名的小吃就是curry wurst,Wurst就是徳国香肠。在德国curry并不是我们叫的那种,我觉的他是番茄酱和香料混合成的。味道很特别,是可以来尝尝。
我们搭了City night line 去巴黎,6人车厢很小很难睡!

Day 3

八点早上我们到了巴黎,Gare De East (Paris) station,第一件事就是去Paul买早餐。在巴黎到处都是Paul。
可后当然是到客务部买旅客套票,就是能在城市(zone1-5)自由搭交通的票。我们在早上9点就check in 酒店了

Gare De East火车站

推荐这间酒店,打折时Euro75 一晚,地点很好,邻近火车站,巴士站。

Libertel Gare de L’Est Francais
13 Rue Du 8 Mai 1945, 10. Gare du Nord – Gare de l’Est, 75010 Paris

来到巴黎时上之都又怎能错过名牌呢,不过省钱女王,这次女王决定去Branded outlet。
搭RER 去Lavallee village,然后步行15分钟就到了。
Longchamp 很便宜,而且Euro 180 还能扣税。在女人的天堂,决对可以让你嗨翻一整天。
Day 4
今天我了世界三个博物馆之一的罗浮宫Louvre Rivoli and Palais Royal Musée du Louvre
RER A Chatelet Les Halles 下车就行了




kaishunmenArc de Triomphe, and Champ-élysées .
Day 5
Notre Dame de Paris-Notre-Dame
6 Parvis Notre-Dame, Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France
到了巴黎,有一个非到不可的巴黎秩塔The Eiffel Tower ,Champ de Mars It was 它是Gustave Eiffel 设计和建的。
 Address: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris
This is the Opera house,Galeries Lafayette 的前面

重点来了,我本来打算来老佛爷百货(Lafayette)带个小香回家的,我傍晚到时,我还以为老佛爷没卖包包呢!一个都不剩了,想买包包的美人,请早点来。在这里买名牌比较容易退税。法国Euro180才退税,如果你在别的地方各别牌子要买到Euro 180,在这里有很多牌子,可以加起来,一起退税。

去英国的海关是很严的,不像其它欧洲国家,所以要早两小时去Gar Du Nor 火车站,每一趟都有不少人赶不上火车。也因为大家都赶不上高速火车,大家都能上下一趟高速火车,只是可能沒有位子座而己。
英国餐厅是很贵的,不过在网上,不时有好康,我们吃的Pizza Express就是1 for1deal,上网打印的vocher.
93一95 Euston Road,NW1 2RA,就在火车站外的前方。超好吃pizza还是现做的,女王的推荐pizza 1 for1 之后才7.9 pound。

那在King’ cross Saint pancras火车站有什么好玩的吗?大家有一定有看过Harry porter ,对Kingcross的9 3/4月台不陌生吧,那里可以去魔法学院哦!大家可以去找一找

逛早市是融入一个国家最好的方法,所以一定要去Borough Market,吃当地的食物水果。
8 Southwark St,London SE1 1TL
2 Park St London SE1 9AB,咖啡很香很滑是一名前新视艺人和朋友开的。虽然需要排队,但是绝对值的。
Borough Market 必吃的小食:-
2) 现开现吃的生蚝
我们逛完了之后就去市中心(City Hall)了,看看小时的儿歌“London Bridge is falling down”英国人嘲笑美国人的儿歌
话说有一天美国人用高价买了London Bridge,他们以为买的是这个,结果收到石头和铁才知道,买错了。那座桥叫London Towel Bridge 。

London Towel Bridge


Poppey day – 是为了记念世界大战的战士的节日

来到伦敦一定要去Burberry 的Factory 扫扫货,29-31 Chatham Pl, Lindon E9 6PL
价钱超不可思义的,如我买给老爸的Polo Tee才25pound,老爸超喜欢,说品质超好,红色都不退色。


12 Gerrard Street, China Town London W1D 5PR
吃了晚餐后,可以去附近的 Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square。
Tip:如果你有什么忘了带记得去Primark (Oxford Street)那里的货品很值得买些用过就丢的货品


今天的晚餐Fish and Chip-Rock & Sole Plaice .我们选了外带,因为堂食和外带价钱差很多。
最后一天在伦敦,一定要吃英式早餐吧(English Breakfast)。 在传统的英国早餐店享用英式早餐后,我们就前往火车站了。
火车在比利时首都布鲁塞尔转车,所以我们有半天在布鲁塞尔 。
1)吃比利时华夫饼(Belgium Waffle)一定要来比利时吃的嘛!
3)比利时广场Belgium Square 与王宫 Grand place ,这可是欧洲数一数二漂亮的广场哦!
 4) 买当地有名的巧克力,下面路过的巧克力店的巧克力蛮好吃的比在傍边的Godiva好吃。
终于来到了今晚的酒店Holidays inn Express
Elbestra Aye 7,60329 Frankfurt
地点不错:7分钟到岁S  Bahn和U Bahn火车站
晚餐只有Macdonald,果然每个国家的Macdonald 都很有特色啊!
Romerberg -徳国的广场,这里有间著名的德国餐厅。Weinstube im Roemer.就在这广场。记得来吃正宗的徳国菜啊!


Cafe Liebfauenberg
 Liebfrauenberg 24, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


[:en]Europe trip with SGD 2.3k all in – Paris, part 2) [:zh]寻找幸福之旅-挪威(北极光之乡。特罗姆瑟)[:]

[:en]Day 3
we reached at Gare De East (Paris) station at 8am something, we went to Paul ( a Bakery  shop very famous at France) to having our breakfast, I just remember their sandwich quite expensive, and look hearty, and both of us choose the 2 less expensive bun.

we went to the ticket counter to buy 2days visitor pass.   I have request for early check in, and lucky they allow me to do so. I was extremely exhausted, I took a nap after all.


Libertel Gare de L’Est Francais
13 Rue Du 8 Mai 1945, 10. Gare du Nord – Gare de l’Est, 75010 Paris , this hotel are very strategic, opposite is Gare du l’Est main station , Gare du Nord staion  only 400m away .

I travel via RER to Lavallee village, if other option you may refer to the official web site
Longchamp are very cheap at there 1 medium longchamp only Euro 45 outside will be Euro.
don’t forget only Euro 180 at the single receipt can claim for tax return.


Day 4
we went to Louvre museum in the morning after we having hotel buffer breakfast, there is few way that you able to reach there by Metro or RER.
The closest Paris Metro station to the Louvre Museum is Louvre Rivoli and Palais Royal Musée du Louvre, both on Line 1 (yellow) which travels underneath Rue de Rivoli.
The closest RER station is Chatelet Les Halles on line RER A.
Louvre is the one of three biggest museum in the world, extremely large unable to view item per item, so we must view the most important one.
The main entrance of Louvre is a glass pyramid, completed 1989, designed by a Chinese Architecture , Ieoh Ming Pei. liked Eiffel towel, this glass pyramid not acceptable by the Paris resident in beginning, but now a day Glass Pyramid become one of the landmark in Paris



Lunch at Louvre, so so.. only, if you have enough of time, I think you may dine in outside, but I love to visit museum so much and hope to have more time in Louvre.

I want to showed you my must see pieces in Louvre, first is the big three of Louvre

1) Winged Victory –  no head, no hand no pretty face,  I just don’t why this is the big three, but when you view its with 360degree, I feel the power , the freedom the victory.

2) Frank paused at the Venus de Milo statue at the Louvre , this is another handicap series, no hand for this venus


3) Mona lisa – is a half-length portrait of a woman by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa, display at Louvre since 1797. Mona Lisa famous with her smile, I keep gazer at this picture, but still unable to view her secret.
What you think ??
We spend quite long time at Lovre,  around 4pm we went to Arc de Triomphe, and Champ-élysées . The Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. It stands in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western end of the Champs-Élysées.
we saw there are having immemorial event for second world war because we saw a lot of body society member, old fork wearing black and secondary school student wear uniform from far away and run to the direction of  Arc de Triomphe, and gather at the ground floor
we are crazy for Macdonald at Paris, because Macdonald  having the millionaire games, and we brought quite number of set and wish to become millionaire. hahaha anywhere is good fun.

we saw a queue outside a shop, (we stay at Singapore for long time, we also have Singaporean behaviours, like to “Q” ) so we also queue to buy macaroon. the packaging look great and I hear from some other people this is the most famous Macaroon at the world, but the price was expensive too.

Day 5
We brought Opera cake and pie at a traditional bakery shop and went to the garden near by to ate  our breakfast at there, just like the TV show, throw the pie to the pigeon and so many pigeon around us, and we also walk around after breakfast. we took bus to Notre Dame de Paris-Notre-Dame, we just simply don’t want to travel by metro because all the metro station look very dirty. in my opinion if you travel via Metro, you cannot feel the beauty of Paris, because the impression will not good, travel by bus better.
Notre Dame de Paris, is a historic Catholic cathedral on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, the interior really look awesome, and it is free, so I highly recommended, if you visit Paris.
6 Parvis Notre-Dame, Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France

There is only 1 limitation , less toilet at surrounding area, WL need to go to toilet urgently and we found only 1 toilet infant of Notre-Dame, we have no choice need to other place look for toilet, we simply took bus and alighted if we saw a public toilet.

we don’t know where we alight actually, but we saw this … Automation Public toilet, we just want to tasting this public toilet hence we alight the bus just for toilet.
there is a Carrefour new by, we went inside and look for our lunch, we brought 2 bun with just Euro 2, and some beverage, the bun at Carrefour was cheap, and I saw a lot of resident brought the grocery, so we did, and having our lunch at bus stop.
The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. It was named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.
 recommend you buy ticket in advance, because the queue very long I think the waiting time for us around 1-2 hrs , maybe you book the restaurant in advance and having diner there. I think this will be more enjoyable.
Address: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris
This is the Opera house in front of Galeries Lafayette we didn’t go inside the opera house, we just pass by, and I think this building look great, so I took this picture.
we planed to buy Channel handbag at here, unfortunately we went to Lafayette at afternoon, all the handbag gone, and whole Lafayette have territory by People from China, I saw them crazy to buy all branded stuff.so if you want to buy Chanel please come at morning to queue.

Day 6

Actually we plan to go Versailles today, but I promise my friends to help her to buy Longchamp Handbag, but yesterday night to crowed and we have no chance to buy so I decide to let go Versailles, and we back to Lafayette and Printemps to continue shopping, unfortunately the design she want have out of stock so we request the sale girl to help us to check where have stock, lucky still have 1 pieces at Paris so we went there for collection. 

We still thinking we have ample of time and hang around, we do not know that Eurostar need to go 1-2 hours before, because in Euro Star station need to have custom check, I thought will be the same like other Europe Country we no need to go thought formality process. We       So scare we cannot catch Eurostar, we quickly fill the custom declaration card and we told the officer we have no enought time to Q and we need to cut Q because the Q was so long we afraid we cannot catch the train, and we found a lot of people same train with us have same problem, after passed the custom clearance process, the process was so strict, man need to took out all the shoes bell and so on. only left 8 minute, we ran like hell to the Euro star, and we cannot found our sit because we just simply enter to the nearest train door, and simply sit. A lot of people unable to took the train also and we found a lot of people is from last train, they unable to took last train too.

We reach UK around 6pm, time difference for 1 hours from Paris and London. Fee Dee meet us at King cross and took us to Pizza Expess for diner. This pizza was freshly made, the skin was awesome, and ingredient was rich, can u imagine I finish whole pizza myself. FeeDee told me live in Lodon you must be smart there alway have a great discount online, so you need to print out the online discount advance in order to enjoy the great discounts. Eg: Pizza Express, you print out discount coupon advance to enjoy 1 for 1 deal.
Have u watch Harry Poter ?? They need to go to platform 9 3/4, here it is. Can u see half trolley already into wall?? The station on renovation at at time, so this platform have move to the back, if you unable to find this platform, you may ask he official . 
This is outside of King cross saint pancreas. 
Day 7 
Early in the morning we came to Borough   Market, the market look clean and a lot of grocery that you able to find at here, for myself this is another type of wet market experience. inside you may see a lot of variety of vegetable, example:  I saw I store selling tomato, only tomato, but with more than 10 variety of tomato. beside that inside with a lot of local food, which is closer to the local life style.
I would like to special introduce a coffee Monmouth at Borought Market, of course  we need to Q for coffee and I feel the owner put a lot of effort in the coffee, we coffee very smooth and fragrance. 
  I saw a pre channel 5 artist ( Singapore) brewed coffee inside the coffee, FeeDee told me he is one of the owner too. 
we proceed with City hall of London, at there we saw the London Towel bridge, this is London Towel bridge, have you remember that our childhood song, London Bridge is falling down ….
the story began with American want to buy London Bridge from London, because the price was good so London sold London Bridge to USA, at the end USA receive not the London Bridge they want,  They actually want to buy London Towel Bridge not London Bridge this is 2 difference bridge.. because of this Story so we have this Song.
FeeDee told me this is a palace too, but more to prison the royal family, this is a sad palace I think
took picture with traditional London Public phone is a must, so am I
one of the most iconic place in London This is most definitely one of the most easily identified architecture in the world.

 Few day before we saw the Second World War immemorial  event in France, today Whole London was celebrate Poppy day, eveyone wear the poppy flower and all over the garden with fake poppy, I specially took the picture of fake poppy flower from Malaysia (my home country).

After that we went to the very famous church In London sone of the Royal family will having their wedding at there.  
Diner time, we went to China town for food, this is a Chinese restaurant owned by Hong Ki, which selling Hong Kong Style roasted foods, highly recommended fro this restaurant, the taste even better I ate at Hong Kong. W.L. don’t like to eat roasted duck, but this restaurant we ate quite a lot. hahaha   

after Diner we walk around Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square,  all these shopping district just near by, you may walk along the street, and all the road are full of  Christmas lighting, even we walk very far but still very excited, besides Christmas Lighting this Elephant was for Charity, we saw thousand of difference design along the street.  

There is a department store named Primark, very good bargain, one winter cloth 15 pound. can u imagine ??? just go, wouldn’t be wrong.
Day 8 
Buckingham Palace is the official London residence and principal workplace of the British monarch, this palace with best location, perfect view, good scenery, helpful artworks. and very good and wonderful place to visit
We are looking coffee shop for a short break, and I look the design of shop houses, look great right ?  
FeeDee told us, this is the most famous Fish and Chip in London, they are using peanut oil to fry Fish and Chip, and inside was so crowed, we only able pack the food and dine while walking.  
British is FOC, although is FOC but the collection are awesome, and the most famous collection will be mummy, inside with so many mummy from children to adult, from which king to which king, and really make my eye open.
Day 9 
This is last day in London, FeeDee bring us for breakfast.
Menu : USA /British -but both look the same rite??? hahaha I found no much difference. after all we went to main station to travel to Frankfurt via Belgium.
after having breakfast we took Taxi back to train station


极光的英文以罗马黎明女神「Aurora」命名 。极光是在高纬度的天空中,带电的高能粒子和高层大氣中的原子碰撞而造成的发光现象。在北半球的北极圈观察到的极光就叫北极光。太阳的活躍週期为十一年,即每隔十一年就到达到高峰。所以2014到2016间正是观赏北极光的最佳时间。心动不如马上行动,所以我在今年2月27日至3月10日去挪威与冰岛看北极光。来一次寻找幸福之旅,听说如果看见北极光,就会受到黎明女神的眷顾,得到幸福哦!
酒店-City Box Oslo 是间自助酒店,check in by machine, 拿房卡。第一次有点失措。

从奥斯陆国际机场(Oslo Airport Gardermoen)到市区共47km.最方便的方法便是Flytoget 直通火车便可到市区,NoK 180,20分钟便可以到达。不过我个人觉得搭NSB ( Norwegian State Railways) NoK 92 ,30分钟车程最合算。当然如果你想搭巴士Flybussen Nok180也可以。您可以发现这里的交通真的很贵。

我们在火车站(Osl Center)下站,第一件事我们就到火车站里的旅游局(Visit Oslo)买明早的火车票(和旅游交通卡(Oslo Pass),可以在1和2区无限使用(电车,巴士,地铁)而且还能免费进入博物馆。当然如果想参加活动或旅行团,也能在这里报名。


Smarthotel Tromso是当时最优惠的酒店,我们前一个月才订,Air BnB 也没剩什么hotel 了。不过这间酒店还蛮不错的。

Check in酒店之后呢,一定要去特罗姆瑟旅游局(Visit Tromso),因为你可以在这里订各种的追北极光之旅。这里的追光团都很专业。我选的是九小时追光团,如果特罗姆瑟看不见极光,他们一直追到芬兰去,就会尽可能不让旅客们失望。

特罗姆瑟本来是个默默无闻的小城,是挪威的一个小岛。但是最近以北极光而声名远播!也让纯朴小镇愈来愈繁荣。特罗姆瑟其实还蛮小的,大多旅客都是直奔北极光,当时如果真想看北极光,那就需要住三到四天。大多极光团,在天气不好时是不营业的。所以多呆几天,就比效容易看见极光啊!当然在白天也可以去玩些终季活动。如:滑雪,狗拉雪橇,圣诞鹿拉雪撬,出海,雪鞋等都可以在Visit Tromso报名,而且价格也不错。

Visit Tromso 的外观,白色小木屋,有湖水,又有雪山,景色愉人,美不胜收。订了北极光的追光团,我们就去吃午餐了。其实如果你有租车,可以自己去追光,如果人数比较多会较便宜。可是这次我是一定看见北极光的,所以选择了考业九小时,无定点的追光团。就是那里有,就去哪里,会一直追到芬兰,所以要带护照的那种。我们也买了Tromso 5 days pass-可以五天无限搭巴士,我觉的天气太冷时,搭巴士看风景是一种享受。


A Dagon AS 在 Tromso市区的餐厅,我很喜欢。因为餐厅内有一个很小的水族馆,里面有多种在餐厅内有售买的鱼产。所以你所以看见活生生的雪鱼在我傍边游来游去。还有帝王蟹在抢地盘。




Europa (一间到处都有的超市)Danish NoK11,很好吃,又便宜。有时我们会到那里找打折早餐。

Coop超市的价格比Kiwi和Europa贵。不过Coop的Salad 很好吃哦!


  Arctic Cathedral -北极大教堂,Tromso的著名地标,在市中心对岸的一个小山坡上,北欧最大的彩色玻璃教堂。我觉得最美的部分就是外观了,可进可不进。上下山坡的路很滑,我刚想完,傍边就有人滑倒了。
The Art Museum of Nortern Norway  北挪威艺术博物馆.其实我们是去上厕所的,在挪威也是很贵的,免费入场的博物馆其实就是厕所啊!
 我想用千万粿爱的型来拍下 ,Tromso最美的夜景。每一个灯,每一个点都是心型。
第四天( Tromso)

Polar Museum 极地博物馆

Polaria-极地博物馆 polar museum 和polaria就在傍边而且,不用太早过来,十一点早上正好。里面有水旅馆和海豹表演,很不错一下。


傍晚5点要去集合,今晚就要去看极光了。所以我们午餐去吃buffer,吃饱点,今晚要以天地抗冷。pepper pizza是当地连锁店,价格比效便宜,不过味道没有太好吃。不过我先说明是比pizzahut好吃很多的那种,但是就不能和Mozza比啦!不过环境是很不错一下的。
最精采的时候到啦,我订的NoK850/pac的追光团,12 人的MPV。我们和精炼丰富的追光猎人Peter,他是位来自波兰的追光猎人。我们很高兴和他一起追逐北极光。追光猎人会检查会每小时的天气状况,然后到最容易看见极光的地方看极光,我们很幸运,当天的老天很赏脸,连追光猎人都觉得我们看见的极光很盛况。
我们并没有到很远,也没有等待极光。因为极光好像知道我们到来,丝毫不吝啬的一直在发光从七点一直到十二点。在十一到十二点更到了今晚的高潮。用肉眼看见的极光是灰白色的,但是发光发到最亮时,连肉眼也能看见青光,当地人叫她“green lady”



Ra Sushi

Nerstranda 9 Nerstranda Kjoepesenter,Tromso



Ra sushi有2两一间是Bistriol晚上才开,价钱效贵。一间是在商场的餐厅,我们选了在商场的吃特价午餐。

Jordbaer e Nerstranda As,
Nerstranda 9,9008
之后去楼上来个sweet ending -这里的蛋糕真心不错。Nok45一片




Verthuset Skarven AS
Strandtorget 1
9008 Tromso


Torrfish-,Grillet 是当地挪威独有的当地口味,把雪鱼用自己私房方法,加工加香料晒干。然后还原再拿来烤。那雪鱼就外脆内软,肉的味道也很独特。

helt Set 就是住在北极动物的肉



Show Shoes雪鞋,我们参加了三小时雪鞋树林探险。本想才三小时,最后三小时,就把我累到半死。



Jekta Storsenter是位于机场傍的百货商场。我们到哪里走走逛逛。

最中目地是到A。Dragoy As吃晚餐


Tromso 的其它活动介绍:-


[:en]Europe Trip with SGD 2.3k (all in) half day Belgium stop over , part 3[:zh]寻找幸福之旅-冰岛[:]

[:en]We reached Belgium at noon, and still have half day to go, there is no free map at Belgium Tourist Board and need pay for it, and not cheap either. the best way, please bring your own map. we put all our luggage at  locker, and have our half day tour at Belgium. do remember bring your own map, the map selling in tourist board damn expensive and not for free.

Don’t forget to try their true Belgium wafer . 🙂
It’s the icon of Brussels, but that’s about it. Nothing more than that. The statue is so small, I have passed him so may time still unable to discovery it. and because of its iconic status in Brussels city, there are so many tourists surrounding it.
There are several legends behind this statue, but the most famous is the one about Duke Godfrey III of Leuven. In 1142, the troops of this two-year-old lord were battling against the troops of the Berthouts, the lords of Grimbergen, in Ransbeke (now Neder-Over-Heembeek). The troops put the infant lord in a basket and hung the basket in a tree to encourage them. From there, the boy urinated on the troops of the Berthouts, who eventually lost the battle. (Wikipedia)
Belgium square Considered one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe, the ornate Grand Place is the center of Brussels, where many historic buildings dating from the 17th century are located.
This is the handmade chocolate shop that we brought for, haven’t reach Frankfurt all chocolate have gone ( in our stomach) , can you imagine how delicious of the chocolate, I think better than GODIVA  
After than we took a Taxi back to the station, we actually plan to walk back but we lost, and no choice we took a taxi back, overall is a good experience in here.

We finally reach Frankfurt Main station and we book hotel near by ( Holiday inn Express)  

This is our diner at Frankfurt, too late no much thing to eat, after all we went to Macdonald again  
Day 10
we meet Evelyn Hubler at Frankfurt main station, she want to showed us the beauty of Frankfurt, she is not tour guide, but she perform even better than professional tour guide.  
she bring us to a newly build shopping centre, she told me this bidding design idea from Black hole, can you see this, very special, and we just don know how to clean this building? maybe design like this no  need to clean ?  
we also go up to the top and view the whole city, if you not the resident I don think you know which building can enter
this is the square in Frankfurt, look like the fairy tale story, this is because Brother Grimm (Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob Grimm) is from Germany and believe fairy tale story will help the children to grow healthy
This is the older restaurant at Frankfurt, most of the building have been bombed  while second world war, only these square survive, this restaurant around 800 years  
this is special wine only at Frankfurt, apple wine, and must dink  using this type of glass.

Wurst from Germany, no doubt the taste very good and difference sausage with difference taste.

 traditional Frankfurt dish, very special must try, like soup and also source.  
all the city must have the river, I don know why, maybe let the tourist to take the picture from boat, at the bridge , I saw a lot of lock from couple. so romantic !
the maiden of justice
 no shop open on Sunday, remember this, we are too use to go to shopping on Sunday, but don’t do so at Germany.
Guess what this Statue mean?? is a Fairy tale story
this is a opera house, she told me that resident in Germany like to watch opera

infants on the stock market exchange, hi bull keep hard ok, don’t let bear take over from you.

we closing our Europe trip with a very nice dessert, and thanks for the hospitality od Evelyn, we will miss you always.
 Black forest cake
Honey almond cake

we took metro to the Airport and back to Singapore.


第七天(Iceland )
在冰岛自驾比较好玩,车座是左驾。租车不贵,汽油和新加坡差不多,没有公路收贵,只有海底隧道要收费。90km/hr,不过真的要很小心,下雪和刮风雪时,可见度等于零。我们可是驾20-30km/hr。在冰岛除了买车险我们还加了GPS和sand and Ash protection。我们驾车时有2台机GPS和Google map在走着。以防万一。
用iphone -Car rental App租车
我选Green Motion,前一天租车,价格不贵。而且还有机场接送。Green Motion 们工作人员会接你到租车的地方。5天车加保险加另外刚sand and ash protection 加GPS SGD 427, Wolkwagen Golf/Hundai I30.  5人medium range .
最后是停车位,不是每间酒店都有停车位,所以在订住宿(air bnb/hotel)记得问一下。市区停车费是很贵的,而且到处可以看见-拖车图!
来冰岛一定要泡温泉,所以记得带泳衣。不要像我忘了带,blue lagon在机场附近,一下机场就能去了。只是我忘了带,所以先去买。穿租借的游泳衣,我会不习惯。
冰岛币是很难换到的,因为它是世界少有破产国家。在机场的钱币对换商只收日本(yen),美金,Euro … 几种而己,新币/马币都不收。旅游局是可以換钱但是也只收几种通用货币。只有银行是有收的,但是银行是迟开早关,常常假期那种,所以记得带信用卡和换些美金/Euro。
在冰岛虽然要自驾,黄金圈,黑沙滩,蓝湖(blue lagoon),自驾省钱又方便。可是有些地方是需要跟团的如出海看鲸鱼,进冰洞冰山,直升机鸟瞰冰岛等。来冰岛是要计划的,但是计划永远赶不上变化。


3)泡温泉看光(Secreat lagoon, Largarvatn Fontana)又可泡美美温泉,又可看光
去冰山里的冰洞(into Gacier),没有当地导游是不能进冰山的,而且很多路需要4×4四轮驱动。越野在冰岛是犯法的,有事发生,保险不会赔。最重要,进冰山是真的很危险。所以我们选择参加团,有专人比效放心。
直升机俯瞰冰岛,有钱的话是OK。但是我也觉得贵啊!ISK 189400/pac还是去别的地方座比效便宜。


这些团都可以在visit Refjavik订。发生什么事就在那里退钱。

Visit Reykjavík, Adalstraeti 2, 101 Reykjavík, Tel: +(354) 590 1500

如果你要环岛游,可以选4×4四轻驱动(如果要走内路),如果环一号公路,那二轮驱动车就可以了。不过为了安全起见你需要在电话装112-App,ICE-SAR 。发生意外,当局就可以知道你在哪里。

如果你和我一样忘了带泳衣Kinglan Shoping mall,买一件吧!那里很多牌子都有出售泳衣。
看见这照片时,有感而发,真像我们在Blue lagoon泡的时候啊!

晚上我们来到了Hallgrinskirkja大教堂,在教堂正门的雕像是冰岛独立之父Leifur Eiriksson.


第八天(Iceland )
来到你会发现原来有一个地方叫无一处不美。我在这开发了一条从西到南部沿途可观赏各各有名的精典路线。把黄金圈和黑沙滩沿途走完。介绍一下黄金圈,它是被冰岛誉为最美的风景,所以有黄金圈的雅号。辛格瓦德拉国家公园(Pingvellir National park),间歇泉(Geysir)和黄金大瀑布(Gullfoss)

Pingvellir–> Geysir–>Gullfoss–> Seljalandsfoss–> Skigafloss–> Reynisfjara – Black Sand Beach–>Vik

沿途可以看见Viking Hoses ,很可爱。我还喂它们吃蛋糕吔!可是我也不敢喂太多,怕它们闹肚子。

幸格瓦德拉国家公园Pingvellr (Thingvellir) national park 拥有特殊的地型,集合了奇山怪石,山野湖泊,温泉瀑布等美景。
间歇泉Geysir  这里很多间歇泉,最有名的是Stokkur,十多分钟就会喷一次15-40m的水枉,在冬天地面的热泉出,遇到了冷空气,就化成水蒸气。一片露水。一片白茫茫。


Gullfoss- waterfall

瀑布的源头为Hvita River,这个大瀑布可有几个故事,冰岛人捍卫大自然的故事,第一任冰岛总统的故事,还好有他们,不然这里就变成发电广,我也看不到这能感染我的大自然了。。

Seljalandsfoss- waterfall
Skigafloss – waterfall
Reynisfjara – Black Sand Beach 黑沙滩
路比较好了,所以我们就来了,不过一路程蛮惊悚的。悬崖没有栏杆啦,大风雪到看不见路啦!来这一定要加Ash insurance,因为车门很容易被风吹走。而且有时驾着就看不见前方.我在那真的被风吹倒了。前几个星期,还有两个人被浪卷走了。那里常发生意外。
Vick维克Town 找间餐厅吃晚餐
Suour Vik
Suourvikurvegur 1,Vik 870


第九天(Iceland )
Harpa Concert and Conference Center冰岛国家歌剧院


出海时天气晴朗。很难想象15分钟后,来点暴风雪又下大雨! 我觉的去看鲸鱼蛮好玩的!北极的雪一点都不客气,狂拍我的脸,那船是摇倒不像话,大伙都进船舱里了。我们却在船板享受承风破浪。
Blue Lagoon 蓝湖


泡完澡8.30晚上出来,本想吃个晚餐。结果看见北极光。当晚KP7的北极光吔!好吧!把车停在路边和大家一起看北极光吧! 其实我是比效想吃晚餐的。
第十天(Iceland )
 旅游局和Trip advisor的早餐第一名。
The Laundromat Café -one of the best breakfast in Reykjavik
Austurstræti 9 9, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
名字很怪叫Dirty Breakfast …musli yogurt超好吃!三片pan cake 真的很多。
今天出发去Husefell, Get intoGacier 的集合点。


The Setlement center restaurant – Borganes 最好的餐厅。很棒的一间餐厅。这间餐厅是依靠着火山熔岩石而建很特别。




Reykjavik Roasters
Brautarholt, Reykjavík, Iceland
Oslo Vigeland park -有很多奇怪雕像!
收集行装-来北极圈真的很冷,大衣一定要带零下十多度的,最好是Down 鹅绒的。围巾可带多几条不同颜色的,长裤二三条因为冰岛下午容易湿!毛衣几件,卫生衣裤,热袋,热水壶,雪鞋防滑的,还有雪鞋丁。
冰岛是世界上最幸福的国家,也是这世上少有的破产国家。那是不是说有钱和幸福是两码子事?有钱不一定幸福!在冰岛看了篇杂志,文章写着:-冰岛的GDP40%来自渔业,俄罗斯是冰岛第二大渔产进口国。因为俄罗斯侵略乌克兰的土地,冰岛投了对俄罗斯制裁票。俄罗斯禁止了冰岛入囗的鱼。总结成词更是让我惭愧!最后是这样写的,虽然俄罗斯的举动,让我们商业受到很大的冲击,但是我们还是能活下去。侵占别人土地是不道德的,我们谴责不道德的行为。 幸福是种选择,选择善良的活下去!我爱上了冰岛,所以冰岛变成了每年拜访一次的地方了。

再去Gacier lagon看看




[:en]Spring time in Switzerland and Italy ( part 2 ) [:zh]11夜10日的瑞士和意大利之行我才用了SGD3k( part2)[:]

[:en]Day 5, 11 May
Took Train from Milan to Rome

The first thing that we did is check it hotel Hilton Milan and after that we took subway to Duomo.
Milan is a city that put the international super branded to a ancient and historical building, friendly speaking, I love it, near by Duomo is a shopping district named Corso Vityorio Emanuele ii You may find super brand at here. 

Milan Cathedral-Milan Cathedral is the cathedral church of Milan, Italy. Dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente, it is the seat of the Archbishop of Milan, currently Cardinal Angelo Scola.

Piazza del Duomo, Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II-

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the world’s oldest shopping malls. Housed within a four-story double arcade in central Milan, the Galleria is named after Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of the Kingdom of Italy.

Exit at other side  will be a small garden, when I saw this statues, I only can think about Ninja Turtles… now I only realize why Ninja Turtles like to eat Pizza.. HAHAHA !!! 

Imust recommamd a ice cream house named cioccolat taliani is just some where around Duomo , you may see a super long “Q” that is .. I ”Q” for 1 hr plus to collect my ice- cream. You may chose you degree of chocolate and favours.
Cioccolati Italiani
Via San Raffaele 6

20121 Milan
Italy Centro Storico

“It is very conveniently located near the Duomo, just off one of the side streets.” , The gelato has excellent flavour, I brought a rose water flavours and the taste like the childhood milk candy taste, I love it..  don’t miss this is good!! I am pretty sure your will swim back, just one bite..

By the way, I think the unemployment rate in Italy is quite high so u may see a lot of people ( darker skin color) to sell the flower and souvenir to you, they are super terrible, please take caution on them. Lucky have a lot of police.. If anything happen you just run toward police lo.

We having our diner at here, this is highly recommamded by our hotel manager.. Somewhere around duomo also named Fresco, the pasta was good you must try but pizza Soso only.

Fresco & Cimmino

we meet a American guy and Germany lady at this restaurant, all of us was tourist, and we chit chat and having a great diner at there.

Day 6, 12 May

Sforza Castle -Sforza Castle is a castle in Milan, northern Italy. It was built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan, on the remains of a 14th-century fortification.

this is the first time I used this, in beginning I though this just for hand wash, but I saw a little boy, stop the water from the tap, and the water shot up … Oh!! now I only knew this tap was drinking tap, Milan are very near to the mountain so in here are rich in Mineral water..
Hahaha !!! I am bumpkin on this.
took Train from Milan to Rome – Normal fare sold out, we can only travel via First Class :~~~

This serve beverage and snack, but I only took plain water.

We reached Rome -Capital of Italy, Rome is a city and special commune in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy and also of the Province of Rome and of the region of Lazio. I love Rome so much not just because of their Mythology but also with their culture, food and ice-cream.. and finally I came to discover this beautiful place.

Colosseum – this is one of the building must see !! combined this with a guided tour of the Palantine Hill after an earlier dry run.it is as impressive in the flesh as it is in the imagination notwithstanding the crowds.

Temple of Venus -I want to see this for doggie years, finally I saw it… I thought I will not able to see this in this trip. but the beauty of Temple of Venus really attract me… I didn’t enter in so, I only can fell the beauty of this temple from outside.
Trevi Fountain – Trevi Fountain is a fountain in the Trevi district in Rome, Italy, designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Pietro Bracci.

Pantheon -The Pantheon is a building in Rome, Italy, commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus and rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian about 126 AD. The building is circular with a portico of large granite Corinthian columns under a pediment.

Day7, 13 May
From Rome to Florence

what can I say for this cycle country ?? Expensive!!!  the food/Stuff/Thing /Souvenir in side this cycle will be 3x expensive than outside… ok this is what I felt.
there is no doubt, prefect view at here, a peaceful and rich country, all the art work, painting and crafting inside will be prefect, can you imagine the luxury of this ”place”

Castel Sant’Angelo -The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant’Angelo, is a towering cylindrical building in Parco Adriano, Rome, Italy. It was initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family.

Day 8, 14 May

Took Train to Florance

The Historic Centre of Florence attracts millions of tourists each year, and Euromonitor International ranked the city as the world’s 89th most visited in 2012, with 1.8m visitors. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. The city is noted for its culture, Renaissance art and architecture and monuments. The city also contains numerous museums and art galleries, such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Pitti, and still exerts an influence in the fields of art, culture and politics. Due to Florence’s artistic and architectural heritage, it has been ranked by Forbes as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

the first thing I want to do in Florence will be shopping -I plan to go to The mall, will I crazy shipping until I forgot to take any picture. any where is a shopping paradise for woman, if u don’t mind your Prada and Gucci will be pass seasons stuff. if you compare the price is super worse to buy it. the variety have goods will be same with Space, I am sure that you able to find your lovely stuff here.

How to Go to The Mall, will be rather easy, just go to Florence bus Station and buy return bus ticket and then you will definitely see a long Queue, just follow the ‘Q’ for the black bus will bring you there.

The Mall
Address: Via Europa, 8, 50060 Reggello Firenze, Italy

Phone:+39 055 865 7775

 Open today · 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
 Florence Cathedral
The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is the main church of Florence, as it is ordinarily called, was begun in 1296 in the Gothics style to the design of Arnolfo di Cambio and completed structurally in 1436 with the dome engineered by Filippo Brunelleschi. The exterior of the basilica is faced with polychrome marble panels in various shades of green and pink bordered by white and has an elaborate 19th-century Gothic Revival façade by Emilio De Fabris.
We having our Diner at the most famous restaurant at Florence:-
Buca Mario
P.zza Ottaviani 16r, Florence, Italy
The and pasta and dessert was awesome !! The services was good, while. Eating the waiter even sing a love song for us. And suddenly we are out of black and the restaurant celebrated birthday with customer we enjoy so much.
My advise you make a reservation before you go to avoid disappointed.
The price will be a little high but I think is worth to go. We order one langsania, fungi pasta and all in one dessert the waiter special make for us.. We are so happy with this..
Day 9, 15 May

we visited the space on second day . You need to buy the ticket from news agent, you need to buy train ticket there.

Prada Outlet (Space)
Via Levanella Becorpi | Localita Levanella, S.S. 69, Montevarchi, Italy

You need to take train to montevenchi, and take 10 minute cab to space.
We share around 7 person I person pay Euro 5.00
this is the bigger Prada outlet in the world and besides are Prada Factory, so you may spend a lot of time inside.
When you Queue and get inside you will get a small pieces of card with number, what item you want and you just scan the code will do, and the Daily limit per person will be Euro 3K
I am so sorry, I didn’t took any picture, I am just too busy shopping !!!
Took Train to Piza towel 
by the way, there have a lot of souvenir shop along the way, so we enjoy window shipping and I found a lot shop selling hand made natural soap, I am not sure good or not, so I didn’t buy  
Day 10, 16 May
took IC back to Zurich
Here we have a very important for tax return for you buy branded stuff at EU and bac from non EU countryWe need to travelled back to Switzerland is not part of EU (although they use Schengen visa), we were advised from Global Blu (tax refund agent), that the swiss custom stamp is useless for tax refund of all merchandises bought in EU countries. We need EU stamp!!! Normally, Custom office is located in all airports but If we travel by train, we need to get custom stamp at the border train station. In my case is “Chiasso”.We have direct train ticket from Milano to Zurich so we have to get off the train at Chiasso station in order to get the custom stamp, we bordered 1 hr early train, and alight at Chiasso. ( no need to buy extra train ticket, if u have sited somebody sit, you just find other sit will do). so you must look for Italy custom offer in order to get the stamp, It took around 30minute and after that you just border for next train will do.After you get the Eu Stamp, you may collect money at the Global Blue counter at Zurich Train station, which is located at the money exchange counter..Day 11, 17 May
11.30am flight back to SingaporeCost Chart for 2 person



早上我们去看了米兰唯一的城堡Sforza Castle


之后我们便搭Eurostar Italia前彺罗马了。这次我们座一等舱,我们太迟买票,没办法。

一等车箱是有提我饮料零食的。当然车座是真皮的比较好坐。火车还有Wi-Fi。在罗马最吸引我的就罗马神话,罗马 传奇最后是Gelato。罗马市区就有如一个博物馆,充满惊喜。

Colosseum 罗马竞技场-在这个圆型外观如土的灰墙内,诉说着当时到力量的崇拜与对战俘的不人道。我站在帝王的看台上,可以想象当时的辉煌。

Temple of Venus 维纳斯神殿-这是这次来想看见的,可是我们一直找不到,却在回家整理照片时,看到了它。原来冥冥中我们已经被它吸引了。
Trevi Fountain – 特雷维喷泉 – 许愿池位于罗马,意大利特雷维区的喷泉,由意大利建筑师尼古拉·萨尔维设计。我也许下了我的心愿哦!

万神殿(Pantheon)位于罗马市中心。罗马市中心有一个中央竖立着高大的尖顶方碑的喷水池,方碑基座雕有古罗马神话场景,这一喷水池所在地就是罗马万神殿的前庭。 万神殿是至今完整保存的唯一一座罗马帝国时期建筑,始建于公元前27-25年,由罗马帝国首任皇帝屋大维的女婿阿戈利巴建造,用以供奉奥林匹亚山上诸神,可谓奥古斯都时期的经典建筑。被米开朗基罗赞叹为“天使的设计”。


Castel Sant’Angelo



除此之外,它还是女人的购物天堂,Prada/Gucci制造场就在这,所以这有世界上最便宜的Prada/ Gucci Outlet – The mall 和 Space

我们倒第一时间就去那里,你只要到佛罗伦萨车站,看到长长人龙,去买票上车就会到The Mall

Address: Via Europa, 8, 50060 Reggello Firenze, Italy

Phone:+39 055 865 7775

 Open today · 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
 Florence Cathedral
Buca Mario
P.zza Ottaviani 16r, Florence, Italy
Buca Mario,是这有名的餐厅,比那里别的餐厅贵,但服务很好,我觉的物有所值。人很多,记得先订位。
Prada Outlet (Space)

Via Levanella Becorpi | Localita Levanella, S.S. 69, Montevarchi, Italy 

搭火车到montevenchi, 之后在搭德士10分钟(Euro5/pac)和其它游客一起搭徳士前彺。


搭IC 去苏黎世Zurich

之后我们就去苏黎世市中心逛街和吃瑞士有名的Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue







[:en]Spring time in Switzerland and Italy ( part 1) [:zh]11夜10日的瑞士和意大利之行我才用了SGD3k( part 1) [:]

[:en]Travel Switzerland and Italy 10days 12nights (part 1)

Swiss is a very expensive country especially transportation.  after we checked thousand place, we decide the easy way to go . We brought Swiss pass from Dynasty Travel( Singapore ) and booked the train ticket at the same time. Some ticket reservation fee require.

we book all the hotel from Booking.com and Agoda.com, as we compare I think booking have more choose but due to Agoda have point collection reward system so we used both.

Day 1 ,08 May
1.05am arrived Singapore Airport and we will arrive at 8.00am at the morning.
10.37 -11.52 took Train from Airport to Zurich HB station and must visit information centre, the customer services will print out the detail of train transit  for you.
10.37 – 11.52 took the train from Zurich HB to Chur
12.58 -14.58 Chur Station to St. Moritz

Finally we reached St Moritz, can you imagine a super empty place after 7pm.

we having a lake tracking, so we walking around the lake, the lake is clean, but had a strong wind blow, although just 13 degree but we feel extremely cold, but of course the pictures scenery as our reward.
we saw a lot of branded shop at this empty town, but all closed at 6pm, even our hotel reception will closed after 8pm.. can u imagine.. this kind of spooky place!!!… hahaha    !!!


Day 2 ,09 May
Took Glacier Express from St Morits to Zematt

The Albula Railway is a single track metre gauge railway line forming part of the so-called core network of the Rhaetian Railway, in the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland.

I Must said, you may try at least one in your life to take Gracier Express, this is the slower speed train in the world, the price is expensive, but I think you will not regret to have this as once in your life.
we took a lot of picture via IOS 7000, but I am so lazy to process all picture so I just took picture from IPhone else you can see very beautiful scenery via professional camera
can you see, wow!!!
finally we reach Zematt, an don’t forget to get the certificate once you arrive” Glacier Express Certificate’

this is a small and beautiful town in Swiss, is a petrol fee town , can you ever imagine the fresh air at here, no much thing to do, we saw a gang of young lady from Taiwan, they can took the same picture at same place with difference people, they almost spend 30 minute for one scenery ..  oh!! my god!!

This is our hotel, no lift so need to carry all the way to third floor, lucky the stair case not very high, we still can manage.. this is the main street and at the ground floor the bakery shop very nice.. so may try it.. Swiss baked …

Don’t be surprise this is one of the tourist spot ..

This is the methahon, view from Zematt town
Day 3, 10 May
Went to Garcia – methahon

Took Train from Zematt to Bern

Zytologge-The Zytglogge tower is a landmark medieval tower in Bern, Switzerland. Built in the early 13th century, it has served the city as guard tower, prison, clock tower, centre of urban life and civic memorial.

Surprise !! this is Toilet .. no door just a wall to cover… save the cost !! save the earth ??

DUFFEST is an acronym for Duffyfield Unity Family Festival, and for the past 14 years we have truly lived up to the meaning insomuch as we have united families together from all walks of life for a day of celebration.
We reached on 10 May which they clelebrate Duffest, they closed the Main Street for marathon and every shop flagged with own family flag.
  Took Train from Bern to Lucern

The Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) is a covered wooden footbridge spanning diagonally across the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne in central Switzerland.

we came to Lucen because of this bridge, very beautiful and I remember this bridge just newly built because of the fire.

the teenager was very happening, they did the gamers at the bridge.. oh my god they even brought the sexual  doll to camera and baby car and played at the bridge.. it look fun !!!

Day 4, 11May
Took Golden pass Express from Lucern to Interlaken – I am asking the SBB and Tourist board why the Golden pass Express have changed colour, from Gold to red, this make me feel disappointed.. can u imagine u want something gold, but people give u red… but the official told us, the company have changed Golden pass express to Company colour beginning of this year.. so sad…

I love swan so much… look white and beautiful..
This is the outlook of train station in Lucerne. took train to Brig , this is the picture at Brig, but I felt all look same actually… Clean Lake.. Fresh air … and I must say : bye bye my cool beauty !!!

Took IC to Milan

To be Continue ….


在瑞士一定要买Swiss Pass千万不要买Euro Pass(不包景观快车),但 Swiss pass包括火车,巴士,有些缆车,如果没包括也会了30%-50%的折扣,最后还有观光例车(黄金快车golden pass Express 和冰川快车Gacier Express)冬季只需CHF13的定座费,夏季就比效贵CHF33
新加坡的SwissPass可以在Dynasty Travel 购买。Clark Quey MRT 对面。有传人负责,而且可以直接订位和打印票给你。SwissPass还能用在Swiss 到Milan的这一趟火车。
在欧洲的酒店Booking.com的价格会比效好,不过你也可以用Trivago.com来确认一下,如果你用booking订酒店,记得用creditcard的名子和带credit card。


我们早上8点到了苏黎世机场,然后搭火车到苏黎世火车站(Zurich HB Station),一到达火车站,我们就前往火车客务,因为客务可以帮你打印出火车的行程表,我们买了SwissPass,今天我们要去Saint Moritz需要转火车。

10.37 – 11.52 Zurich HB –》Chur 12.58 -14.58 Chur Station –》St. Moritz

6点我们就到St moritz. 这里是冰山快车的起点。

Hotel Sonne
Address: Via Sela 11, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland


Day 2 ,09 May
每一天有一趟到二趟从St Morits去Zematt的冰山例车,需要提早订票。

我个人觉得Chur-Brig 和,Dovo-Andermatt是我最喜欢,不过一定要到Zematt。其实真心话,没必要去Saint Moriz,从Chur出发就好了。
世界上最慢的快车,传载着世界最美的风景线。“冰川快车”历史悠久,连接多处瑞士旅游胜地,是瑞士著名的旅游观光线路,从St Moritz-Zematt全程7小时,经过91条隧道、291座桥梁,游客可以在全景观车厢里欣赏瑞士阿尔卑诗山区壮丽的景色,路程千变万化,游客还可以通过耳机获取多国语言的相关信息。

如果你来瑞士,冰川快车绝对是你必加景点。也别忘了在到达目的时候到当地的information counter 领取冰川快车的证书。


Hotel Helvetia

Bahnhofstrasse 72, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland 





今天来到了高潮马特洪峰- methahon
收拾行囊我们直 奔Bern。瑞士的首都。这个联邦大厦的所在地。景点有钟楼、老城区及喷泉、伯尔尼大教堂、玫瑰园等…

钟楼Zytologge-Bern 的路标。

  • 来到伯尔尼市,从顺正义街走到阿尔河弯曲处过桥,就到了伯尔尼最古老的地区。在伯尔尼老城区,古迹处处可见,这里保留了完整的历史风貌。
我们到达时DUFFEST 正在举行,大街小巷挂着自己家族的旗。好不热闹。



The Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) 卡佩尔桥



今早我们订了黄金例车Lucern to Interlaken – 为什么叫黄金例车,因为这例车路线云聚了瑞士最美的湖光山色所以因而得名。

米兰Milan我们住在Hilton Milan 然后我们就去米兰大教堂了

在Duomo站除了有米兰大教堂外,还有Corso Vityorio Emanuele ii,买名牌的地方。米兰可是世界时上之都,在这里买到最新的款式。

Milan Cathedral-Milan Cathedral 米兰大教堂

Piazza del Duomo, Milan米兰广场

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II-世界最古老的名牌街之一。这条街可是国王的名字啊。
来到Duomo有两件事是一定要做的。那就是到Cioccolati Italiani吃雪糕,很出名最少排一小时才能吃到啊!和去Fresco & Cimmino
Cioccolati Italiani
Via San Raffaele 6

20121 Milan
Italy Centro Storico

Fresco & Cimmino