[:en]Bintan 2 days 1 night with uni friends (31May2014) [:zh]民丹岛周日两天一夜行-Pulau Bintan[:]

[:en]This is a trip that we scheduled for few times, because we need to gather 3 beautiful lady to join this trip.

the total Spending will be coupon from deal.comSGD 99 + SGD 46 ( other expenses) + SGD 50(pocket money)
the deal included :-
2 way ferry
2 way land transfer
1 night accommodation at Sahid resort
City tour
60 minute massage
Kayaking , Cycling , Karaoke
daily breakfast
we alight at Tanjung pinang ferry terminal –Tanjung Pinang is located on the southwestern part of Bintan island and is the capital and largest town of the Indonesian province of Riau Islands.
The First stop will be Bintan town, so we just walk around but look like 1960 Malaysia , so we just walk around, the weather was pretty hot, and we just walk walk and see see only.

Below picture will be next stop, can u see the plant?? this is all dragon fruit plant, we still not in season so we still have no dragon fruit to eat.

Chinese temple at Bintan –

This temple were built in 1900s when mainland people who lived in Guandong, Hainan and Fujian Province in China escaped to Indonesia due to war and unstable living condition in China. They only moved out from China but they also brought their culture and believe to Bintan Island.
Many overseas chinese will pray twice a month which are 1st and 15th every lunar calendar. Main festival is Mid Autumn Festival (15th of the 8th month in lunar calendar). It is a 3 day festival with plenty of local culture, celebration and even a lion dance.
Be there if you can catch up this event and you will feel something different between overseas chinese and chinese who were born in China (Trip adviser)

after having our lunch we went back to our hotel, our hotel extremely quite and no much people, I think because the location not very good, and with a lot of mosquito.. the diner at hotel was extremely horrible also.

At night no much thing to do, maybe you may arrange a massage, we did arrange for Karaoke session, but the karaoke is on open space.. alamak!! I have nothing to say.. but we all few funny lo..

there is no Wifi at room and very low signal at Lobby .. by the way Lobby areas with no air-con are full of mosquito, at the end we chit chat at room only, but I think is was good to have a girl chat at this moment .. and we keep eating and chit chat for me.. I am enjoy with my uni friends.


the next morning after breakfast, we plan for cycling but can you see the bike look so huge and the road not so good so is was a big challenger for 3 cute and sweet lady rite ??
Cycling but the road not very good , up and down so I just ride for 15 minute and gave up..

lucky the swimming pool look ok

This is our room exterior .
beach is not connected with resort and we need to travel by a golf car, and the beach not so nice as we saw some where else.. but at least clean, because this is a private beach that only resort customer are allow to enter, near by with a small restaurant but no much variety to eat also.

but 3 of us still doing a kayaking under a extremely hot sun..

3 pretty leg, guess which one is my leg ??

we back around afternoon and bye bye Bintan.. is not a nice place but because of both of you and cause the meaningful of this trip.. thanks Mei yen for all arrangement and yenchiu invited us to join this trip..[:zh]



从新加坡购买民舟岛两天一夜的旅行团。船票+酒店+半日游+ 60分钟的按摩和午餐共SGD99/pac 然后就出发啦!我们比较了价格,套票真的比较划算呀!



我们的午餐在一间当地的Ayam Penyet 餐厅用餐。





下午三四点左右我们就到Sahid Bintan Beach Resort check in了。









[:en]Bali Trip – 25 Jul.2013 @ 5 days 4 night[:zh]五天四夜在巴厘岛用了SGD425(全包)[:]

[:en]This is the trip that, we didn’t plan much, basically just for relax only, hence for the 5days 4 night we not plan to much place to visit. we spend around SGD 850 for 2 person in total. we exchange for SGD 400 for rupiah and we just finish all..

Day 1

-We arrived airport at noon, and took the blue bird taxi outside the airport to Grandmas Hotel ( Legian road ), hotel room was small but clean and location are goods if you like night live, Legian have a lot of pub and bistro for you.

Grandmas Hotel


Blue Bird Taxi -must look for Blue bird

-We put the luggage, we went for cream bath at Seminyak road. Cream bath is not cream for bath, basically cream bath is a hair treatment that using cream, e.g.: they help you to wash your hair, and apply the strawberry cream to soften your hair, help you to do shoulder massage and blow your hair at the end. I think is good to do it at first day because you can visit Bali with good looking hair. 🙂 the price around : 50K rupiah ( SGD 7.2) treatment time around 2 hrs.
-We completed treatment at 6.00pm and walk to  Legian street and found a restaurant with ‘ pool view’ ( they is a big word stated outside the restaurant pool view) to having our dinner, friendly speaking we thought pool view mean swimming pool view, but when we going we found pool view mean snooker table view… alamak…this is first thing come out at my mind. their food have too many MSG and you can taste it, so I don’t quite like it
-After diner, we walked to the Kuta beach, we sit at the beach and listen the sound of the sea, we also walk to Hard rock hotel,a nd walk for Kuta street.

( you can walk from Seminyak –> Legian –> Kuta they have a lot of craft (oleh -oleh) shop, but the quality quite bad.
Jun yet avocado season, hence the taste so so only, but as come to Bali must try avocado with chocolate, Bali can grow avocado and Strawberry



Day 2

We slept until 9am and wake up, and went to Discovery mall and Waterbom ( just opposite each other). Discovery mall is a shopping centre that selling quite a number of souvenir, electronic and so on. but the price was higher than outside.

Discovery mall

Beach  in front Discovery mall


our breakfast at Discovery mall – only 9K cheap and nice

Kuta Beach morning view

This is the entrance of Kuta Beach, In Bali 90% of resident are Hindu and this symbol Good at the right and bad in the left, you may see this at anywhere at Bali.
we took our lunch at Made’s warung, this restaurant are very famous but the price is high.


Bali Blast Monument -The Bali Bombling memorial at the site of the original Paddy’s pub


we took lunch at Made’s warung, I think this quite famous in Bali and I saw a lot of visitor Q in front of the restaurant, the price was very high compare with other restaurant and the taste ok only. Br. Pande Mas, Kuta, Bali 80361 , Indonesia

+62 361 755297

after lunch we went back Hotel  for facial and 2 hrs Body massage.
we took diner at Bamboo corner-Poppies Lane I, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia this restaurant was rather cheap, and we order fish satay just 11K, and order 2 glass of jus for each person, the fry rice not really suit my taste, but I think you can try the fish satay. (we are too hungry and I forget to take the picture before eating . 🙂 this restaurant are quite difficult to find, and you need to record down the address and ask people.


Bamboo corner


Day 3

We will change our hotel today, and we took Taxi from Legian to Kuta, at around 12pm and the hotel not allow us to check in early, and put our luggage down and walk for 15mins to Krishna to buy some souvenir and local food, although I know how to speak Malay but I found quite difficult to communicate with Balinese.
after that we look for a restaurant which near the sea and wait for sunset. for me travel is main for relax and not too rush, a glass of juice and relax afternoon will make me happy, and enjoy.

we when to Carrefour to after diner, to shop like a local to see what their household good, actually I found quite similar and I brought lot of Indo mee, cause they got a lot difference some favour which cannot find in Singapore, we shop until 9.30pm and back hotel.

This is the contact of our drive, we choose him because he can speak English, we can communicate in English at least. he told us a lot of the Bali History and traditional. eg: He said he is not married with his wife, he is kidnap his wife, we thought we listen wrongly, after that he told us, because Bali following System Kasta, and her wife from higher class, so they cannot married because of accident ( have baby) so they need to married. 2 day before married the bridal need to go to her neighbour house, and the husband pick her from neighbour house, and after 3 days the man need to go to the bridal parent house to inform their daughter with him now, and the parent need to go to special temple and announce daughter missing, the daughter become no class now.
Day 4

we hire a English speaking drive 1 days regarding how long 8-10hrs Rupiah 500K/day, we wen to Tanah lot–> Royal Temple –> Ubuh –> Uluwatu, and we are too tire and cancelled Jimbaran

Tanah Lot

Tanah lot is the MOST beautiful place in Bali and is a place you must go for Bali, else you are not come to Bali. Tanah Lot means ”Land sea” located in Tabanan about 20km from Denpasar. the temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide.


this is the snake cave, which near to the Tanah lot, they believe the snake are from temple hence if you make a wish and will come true. by the where if you see the snake you much donation also.


Royal temple -The private family temple of the Royal family

Royal Temple


Royal Temple – we only saw 2 worker for maintenance and we need to pay entrance fee, but still cannot go inside and just see from outside

Ubud Market -sell a lot of thing and you need to bargain, and I don’t quite like to do it hence I didn buy anything

Ubud street

This this entrance of the Ubud palace, the royal family no longer stay inside and now became hotel.


3 Type of rice in, Sticky rice, black rice and white rice, we having lunch somewhere around which recommend by the drive, but we feel the food was bad

Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Ulu mean ”land end ” and watu means ” rock”, they need entrance fee and sarong are free to borrow, but I suggest you bring yourself because the sarong are very dirty. you also must be careful with the money because they will rob your thing, and I just wonder the money behaviours will teach by the local person, because all the monkey after rob the visitor staff and go to same tree… er… I am just thinking–why this happen ???

actually we plan to view the sunset at Uluwatu, due to traffic jam when we reach, become picture above.. at Uluwatu have the performance dance if not wrong is Kecak dance and I really not feel interest to watch and we just go back.

This is the entrance on the Uluwatu temple, we cannot entrance and I just take picture from outside.


Day 5

we pack all our staff and check out at 11.30, before we go to Airport we decide to visit bali Gallery DFSnot much thing to buy inside, but I saw quite a number of tourist from China and they keep said thing was cheap, but as I compare I really don’t think so. they is a local shopping centre just opposite DFS, and they have much more thing to see.


2.30pm we took cab to Airport and bye bye Bali.
this is the total spending for 2 person

Items detail Price remark
tax departure tax SGD 43 150K rupiah /person
Hotel (4night) Grandmas hotel(Legian) SGD 92 SGD 46/night
Sun Boutique (Kuta) SGD 112 SGD 56/night
Transport Airport  SGD 5.8
Driver & Taxi  SGD 85
Food SGD 158
purchase staff  SGD 43
 Air fair SGD 252
Spa SGD 60
Total SGD 850.80


大家都说,来到这里巴厘岛。就是要享受,海滩,蓝天,cream bath,massage ….

到了机场,走了出来找”blue bird”taxi搭,40分钟后来到了Legian Road 的Grandmas 酒店(Legian Road),酒店的房间很小,但胜在便宜。附近有很多Pub,Bistro让夜晚不再无聊。

Grandmas Hotel
Blue Bird Taxi

卸下了行礼,我们就去洗头了,来巴厘岛一定要CreamBath一下。什么是cream Bath,它是用cream来做头发护理。约两小时,洗头,按摩,护理,吹干,才50K Rupiah(SGD7),在这里最出名的就是按摩和这个了,尽管你已经洗了头,还是要来洗洗看。

不过Bali,Kuta Beach的hard rock hotel的酒吧很不错。去那喝点小酒和听听歌是人生一大享受。
我们的第一天从Seminyak 一直走到Legian,在走到Kuta.一路上都是手工艺品店。手工不怎样,所以没买。



睡觉睡到自然配去附近的Discovery mall买些手信。
Discovery mall
Beach  in front Discovery mall
逛完了街我们又来到了 Waterbom ,waterbom是水上乐园。
这就是我们在Discovery mall吃的当地印尼式早餐,9K Rupiah。我觉的旅游不一定要吃最有名最贵的食物,我更喜观贴近当地居民的食物。


Made’s warung


Br. Pande MasKuta, Bali 80361 Indonesia 


Bali Blast Monument爆炸记念碑就在Paddy’s pub


 Bamboo corner-Poppies Lane IKuta, BaliIndonesia 

Bamboo corner


我们在Kuta street吃了午饭,就去Kuta Sqaure走走,我们就换了酒店,来到新酒店后,我们去了Krishna买手信,沿途去了些陶瓷店。还有选第四天的司机和想去的地方。



KAMA Transport Services
1天倒10小时-500k Rupiah
我选了Tanah lot- Royal Temple -Ubuh – uluwatu-Jimbaran
Tanah Lot海神庙
Royal temple -王族的私人庙宇

乌布皇宫(Puri Saren Agung),现在己经变成了酒店。




我们到Gallery DFS

is the total spending for 2 person