[:en]Europe trip with SGD 2.3k all in – Paris, part 2) [:zh]寻找幸福之旅-挪威(北极光之乡。特罗姆瑟)[:]

[:en]Day 3
we reached at Gare De East (Paris) station at 8am something, we went to Paul ( a Bakery  shop very famous at France) to having our breakfast, I just remember their sandwich quite expensive, and look hearty, and both of us choose the 2 less expensive bun.

we went to the ticket counter to buy 2days visitor pass.   I have request for early check in, and lucky they allow me to do so. I was extremely exhausted, I took a nap after all.


Libertel Gare de L’Est Francais
13 Rue Du 8 Mai 1945, 10. Gare du Nord – Gare de l’Est, 75010 Paris , this hotel are very strategic, opposite is Gare du l’Est main station , Gare du Nord staion  only 400m away .

I travel via RER to Lavallee village, if other option you may refer to the official web site
Longchamp are very cheap at there 1 medium longchamp only Euro 45 outside will be Euro.
don’t forget only Euro 180 at the single receipt can claim for tax return.


Day 4
we went to Louvre museum in the morning after we having hotel buffer breakfast, there is few way that you able to reach there by Metro or RER.
The closest Paris Metro station to the Louvre Museum is Louvre Rivoli and Palais Royal Musée du Louvre, both on Line 1 (yellow) which travels underneath Rue de Rivoli.
The closest RER station is Chatelet Les Halles on line RER A.
Louvre is the one of three biggest museum in the world, extremely large unable to view item per item, so we must view the most important one.
The main entrance of Louvre is a glass pyramid, completed 1989, designed by a Chinese Architecture , Ieoh Ming Pei. liked Eiffel towel, this glass pyramid not acceptable by the Paris resident in beginning, but now a day Glass Pyramid become one of the landmark in Paris



Lunch at Louvre, so so.. only, if you have enough of time, I think you may dine in outside, but I love to visit museum so much and hope to have more time in Louvre.

I want to showed you my must see pieces in Louvre, first is the big three of Louvre

1) Winged Victory –  no head, no hand no pretty face,  I just don’t why this is the big three, but when you view its with 360degree, I feel the power , the freedom the victory.

2) Frank paused at the Venus de Milo statue at the Louvre , this is another handicap series, no hand for this venus


3) Mona lisa – is a half-length portrait of a woman by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa, display at Louvre since 1797. Mona Lisa famous with her smile, I keep gazer at this picture, but still unable to view her secret.
What you think ??
We spend quite long time at Lovre,  around 4pm we went to Arc de Triomphe, and Champ-élysées . The Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. It stands in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western end of the Champs-Élysées.
we saw there are having immemorial event for second world war because we saw a lot of body society member, old fork wearing black and secondary school student wear uniform from far away and run to the direction of  Arc de Triomphe, and gather at the ground floor
we are crazy for Macdonald at Paris, because Macdonald  having the millionaire games, and we brought quite number of set and wish to become millionaire. hahaha anywhere is good fun.

we saw a queue outside a shop, (we stay at Singapore for long time, we also have Singaporean behaviours, like to “Q” ) so we also queue to buy macaroon. the packaging look great and I hear from some other people this is the most famous Macaroon at the world, but the price was expensive too.

Day 5
We brought Opera cake and pie at a traditional bakery shop and went to the garden near by to ate  our breakfast at there, just like the TV show, throw the pie to the pigeon and so many pigeon around us, and we also walk around after breakfast. we took bus to Notre Dame de Paris-Notre-Dame, we just simply don’t want to travel by metro because all the metro station look very dirty. in my opinion if you travel via Metro, you cannot feel the beauty of Paris, because the impression will not good, travel by bus better.
Notre Dame de Paris, is a historic Catholic cathedral on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, the interior really look awesome, and it is free, so I highly recommended, if you visit Paris.
6 Parvis Notre-Dame, Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France

There is only 1 limitation , less toilet at surrounding area, WL need to go to toilet urgently and we found only 1 toilet infant of Notre-Dame, we have no choice need to other place look for toilet, we simply took bus and alighted if we saw a public toilet.

we don’t know where we alight actually, but we saw this … Automation Public toilet, we just want to tasting this public toilet hence we alight the bus just for toilet.
there is a Carrefour new by, we went inside and look for our lunch, we brought 2 bun with just Euro 2, and some beverage, the bun at Carrefour was cheap, and I saw a lot of resident brought the grocery, so we did, and having our lunch at bus stop.
The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. It was named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.
 recommend you buy ticket in advance, because the queue very long I think the waiting time for us around 1-2 hrs , maybe you book the restaurant in advance and having diner there. I think this will be more enjoyable.
Address: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris
This is the Opera house in front of Galeries Lafayette we didn’t go inside the opera house, we just pass by, and I think this building look great, so I took this picture.
we planed to buy Channel handbag at here, unfortunately we went to Lafayette at afternoon, all the handbag gone, and whole Lafayette have territory by People from China, I saw them crazy to buy all branded stuff.so if you want to buy Chanel please come at morning to queue.

Day 6

Actually we plan to go Versailles today, but I promise my friends to help her to buy Longchamp Handbag, but yesterday night to crowed and we have no chance to buy so I decide to let go Versailles, and we back to Lafayette and Printemps to continue shopping, unfortunately the design she want have out of stock so we request the sale girl to help us to check where have stock, lucky still have 1 pieces at Paris so we went there for collection. 

We still thinking we have ample of time and hang around, we do not know that Eurostar need to go 1-2 hours before, because in Euro Star station need to have custom check, I thought will be the same like other Europe Country we no need to go thought formality process. We       So scare we cannot catch Eurostar, we quickly fill the custom declaration card and we told the officer we have no enought time to Q and we need to cut Q because the Q was so long we afraid we cannot catch the train, and we found a lot of people same train with us have same problem, after passed the custom clearance process, the process was so strict, man need to took out all the shoes bell and so on. only left 8 minute, we ran like hell to the Euro star, and we cannot found our sit because we just simply enter to the nearest train door, and simply sit. A lot of people unable to took the train also and we found a lot of people is from last train, they unable to took last train too.

We reach UK around 6pm, time difference for 1 hours from Paris and London. Fee Dee meet us at King cross and took us to Pizza Expess for diner. This pizza was freshly made, the skin was awesome, and ingredient was rich, can u imagine I finish whole pizza myself. FeeDee told me live in Lodon you must be smart there alway have a great discount online, so you need to print out the online discount advance in order to enjoy the great discounts. Eg: Pizza Express, you print out discount coupon advance to enjoy 1 for 1 deal.
Have u watch Harry Poter ?? They need to go to platform 9 3/4, here it is. Can u see half trolley already into wall?? The station on renovation at at time, so this platform have move to the back, if you unable to find this platform, you may ask he official . 
This is outside of King cross saint pancreas. 
Day 7 
Early in the morning we came to Borough   Market, the market look clean and a lot of grocery that you able to find at here, for myself this is another type of wet market experience. inside you may see a lot of variety of vegetable, example:  I saw I store selling tomato, only tomato, but with more than 10 variety of tomato. beside that inside with a lot of local food, which is closer to the local life style.
I would like to special introduce a coffee Monmouth at Borought Market, of course  we need to Q for coffee and I feel the owner put a lot of effort in the coffee, we coffee very smooth and fragrance. 
  I saw a pre channel 5 artist ( Singapore) brewed coffee inside the coffee, FeeDee told me he is one of the owner too. 
we proceed with City hall of London, at there we saw the London Towel bridge, this is London Towel bridge, have you remember that our childhood song, London Bridge is falling down ….
the story began with American want to buy London Bridge from London, because the price was good so London sold London Bridge to USA, at the end USA receive not the London Bridge they want,  They actually want to buy London Towel Bridge not London Bridge this is 2 difference bridge.. because of this Story so we have this Song.
FeeDee told me this is a palace too, but more to prison the royal family, this is a sad palace I think
took picture with traditional London Public phone is a must, so am I
one of the most iconic place in London This is most definitely one of the most easily identified architecture in the world.

 Few day before we saw the Second World War immemorial  event in France, today Whole London was celebrate Poppy day, eveyone wear the poppy flower and all over the garden with fake poppy, I specially took the picture of fake poppy flower from Malaysia (my home country).

After that we went to the very famous church In London sone of the Royal family will having their wedding at there.  
Diner time, we went to China town for food, this is a Chinese restaurant owned by Hong Ki, which selling Hong Kong Style roasted foods, highly recommended fro this restaurant, the taste even better I ate at Hong Kong. W.L. don’t like to eat roasted duck, but this restaurant we ate quite a lot. hahaha   

after Diner we walk around Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square,  all these shopping district just near by, you may walk along the street, and all the road are full of  Christmas lighting, even we walk very far but still very excited, besides Christmas Lighting this Elephant was for Charity, we saw thousand of difference design along the street.  

There is a department store named Primark, very good bargain, one winter cloth 15 pound. can u imagine ??? just go, wouldn’t be wrong.
Day 8 
Buckingham Palace is the official London residence and principal workplace of the British monarch, this palace with best location, perfect view, good scenery, helpful artworks. and very good and wonderful place to visit
We are looking coffee shop for a short break, and I look the design of shop houses, look great right ?  
FeeDee told us, this is the most famous Fish and Chip in London, they are using peanut oil to fry Fish and Chip, and inside was so crowed, we only able pack the food and dine while walking.  
British is FOC, although is FOC but the collection are awesome, and the most famous collection will be mummy, inside with so many mummy from children to adult, from which king to which king, and really make my eye open.
Day 9 
This is last day in London, FeeDee bring us for breakfast.
Menu : USA /British -but both look the same rite??? hahaha I found no much difference. after all we went to main station to travel to Frankfurt via Belgium.
after having breakfast we took Taxi back to train station


极光的英文以罗马黎明女神「Aurora」命名 。极光是在高纬度的天空中,带电的高能粒子和高层大氣中的原子碰撞而造成的发光现象。在北半球的北极圈观察到的极光就叫北极光。太阳的活躍週期为十一年,即每隔十一年就到达到高峰。所以2014到2016间正是观赏北极光的最佳时间。心动不如马上行动,所以我在今年2月27日至3月10日去挪威与冰岛看北极光。来一次寻找幸福之旅,听说如果看见北极光,就会受到黎明女神的眷顾,得到幸福哦!
酒店-City Box Oslo 是间自助酒店,check in by machine, 拿房卡。第一次有点失措。

从奥斯陆国际机场(Oslo Airport Gardermoen)到市区共47km.最方便的方法便是Flytoget 直通火车便可到市区,NoK 180,20分钟便可以到达。不过我个人觉得搭NSB ( Norwegian State Railways) NoK 92 ,30分钟车程最合算。当然如果你想搭巴士Flybussen Nok180也可以。您可以发现这里的交通真的很贵。

我们在火车站(Osl Center)下站,第一件事我们就到火车站里的旅游局(Visit Oslo)买明早的火车票(和旅游交通卡(Oslo Pass),可以在1和2区无限使用(电车,巴士,地铁)而且还能免费进入博物馆。当然如果想参加活动或旅行团,也能在这里报名。


Smarthotel Tromso是当时最优惠的酒店,我们前一个月才订,Air BnB 也没剩什么hotel 了。不过这间酒店还蛮不错的。

Check in酒店之后呢,一定要去特罗姆瑟旅游局(Visit Tromso),因为你可以在这里订各种的追北极光之旅。这里的追光团都很专业。我选的是九小时追光团,如果特罗姆瑟看不见极光,他们一直追到芬兰去,就会尽可能不让旅客们失望。

特罗姆瑟本来是个默默无闻的小城,是挪威的一个小岛。但是最近以北极光而声名远播!也让纯朴小镇愈来愈繁荣。特罗姆瑟其实还蛮小的,大多旅客都是直奔北极光,当时如果真想看北极光,那就需要住三到四天。大多极光团,在天气不好时是不营业的。所以多呆几天,就比效容易看见极光啊!当然在白天也可以去玩些终季活动。如:滑雪,狗拉雪橇,圣诞鹿拉雪撬,出海,雪鞋等都可以在Visit Tromso报名,而且价格也不错。

Visit Tromso 的外观,白色小木屋,有湖水,又有雪山,景色愉人,美不胜收。订了北极光的追光团,我们就去吃午餐了。其实如果你有租车,可以自己去追光,如果人数比较多会较便宜。可是这次我是一定看见北极光的,所以选择了考业九小时,无定点的追光团。就是那里有,就去哪里,会一直追到芬兰,所以要带护照的那种。我们也买了Tromso 5 days pass-可以五天无限搭巴士,我觉的天气太冷时,搭巴士看风景是一种享受。


A Dagon AS 在 Tromso市区的餐厅,我很喜欢。因为餐厅内有一个很小的水族馆,里面有多种在餐厅内有售买的鱼产。所以你所以看见活生生的雪鱼在我傍边游来游去。还有帝王蟹在抢地盘。




Europa (一间到处都有的超市)Danish NoK11,很好吃,又便宜。有时我们会到那里找打折早餐。

Coop超市的价格比Kiwi和Europa贵。不过Coop的Salad 很好吃哦!


  Arctic Cathedral -北极大教堂,Tromso的著名地标,在市中心对岸的一个小山坡上,北欧最大的彩色玻璃教堂。我觉得最美的部分就是外观了,可进可不进。上下山坡的路很滑,我刚想完,傍边就有人滑倒了。
The Art Museum of Nortern Norway  北挪威艺术博物馆.其实我们是去上厕所的,在挪威也是很贵的,免费入场的博物馆其实就是厕所啊!
 我想用千万粿爱的型来拍下 ,Tromso最美的夜景。每一个灯,每一个点都是心型。
第四天( Tromso)

Polar Museum 极地博物馆

Polaria-极地博物馆 polar museum 和polaria就在傍边而且,不用太早过来,十一点早上正好。里面有水旅馆和海豹表演,很不错一下。


傍晚5点要去集合,今晚就要去看极光了。所以我们午餐去吃buffer,吃饱点,今晚要以天地抗冷。pepper pizza是当地连锁店,价格比效便宜,不过味道没有太好吃。不过我先说明是比pizzahut好吃很多的那种,但是就不能和Mozza比啦!不过环境是很不错一下的。
最精采的时候到啦,我订的NoK850/pac的追光团,12 人的MPV。我们和精炼丰富的追光猎人Peter,他是位来自波兰的追光猎人。我们很高兴和他一起追逐北极光。追光猎人会检查会每小时的天气状况,然后到最容易看见极光的地方看极光,我们很幸运,当天的老天很赏脸,连追光猎人都觉得我们看见的极光很盛况。
我们并没有到很远,也没有等待极光。因为极光好像知道我们到来,丝毫不吝啬的一直在发光从七点一直到十二点。在十一到十二点更到了今晚的高潮。用肉眼看见的极光是灰白色的,但是发光发到最亮时,连肉眼也能看见青光,当地人叫她“green lady”



Ra Sushi

Nerstranda 9 Nerstranda Kjoepesenter,Tromso



Ra sushi有2两一间是Bistriol晚上才开,价钱效贵。一间是在商场的餐厅,我们选了在商场的吃特价午餐。

Jordbaer e Nerstranda As,
Nerstranda 9,9008
之后去楼上来个sweet ending -这里的蛋糕真心不错。Nok45一片




Verthuset Skarven AS
Strandtorget 1
9008 Tromso


Torrfish-,Grillet 是当地挪威独有的当地口味,把雪鱼用自己私房方法,加工加香料晒干。然后还原再拿来烤。那雪鱼就外脆内软,肉的味道也很独特。

helt Set 就是住在北极动物的肉



Show Shoes雪鞋,我们参加了三小时雪鞋树林探险。本想才三小时,最后三小时,就把我累到半死。



Jekta Storsenter是位于机场傍的百货商场。我们到哪里走走逛逛。

最中目地是到A。Dragoy As吃晚餐


Tromso 的其它活动介绍:-


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