[:en]Bali Trip – 25 Jul.2013 @ 5 days 4 night[:zh]五天四夜在巴厘岛用了SGD425(全包)[:]

[:en]This is the trip that, we didn’t plan much, basically just for relax only, hence for the 5days 4 night we not plan to much place to visit. we spend around SGD 850 for 2 person in total. we exchange for SGD 400 for rupiah and we just finish all..

Day 1

-We arrived airport at noon, and took the blue bird taxi outside the airport to Grandmas Hotel ( Legian road ), hotel room was small but clean and location are goods if you like night live, Legian have a lot of pub and bistro for you.

Grandmas Hotel


Blue Bird Taxi -must look for Blue bird

-We put the luggage, we went for cream bath at Seminyak road. Cream bath is not cream for bath, basically cream bath is a hair treatment that using cream, e.g.: they help you to wash your hair, and apply the strawberry cream to soften your hair, help you to do shoulder massage and blow your hair at the end. I think is good to do it at first day because you can visit Bali with good looking hair. 🙂 the price around : 50K rupiah ( SGD 7.2) treatment time around 2 hrs.
-We completed treatment at 6.00pm and walk to  Legian street and found a restaurant with ‘ pool view’ ( they is a big word stated outside the restaurant pool view) to having our dinner, friendly speaking we thought pool view mean swimming pool view, but when we going we found pool view mean snooker table view… alamak…this is first thing come out at my mind. their food have too many MSG and you can taste it, so I don’t quite like it
-After diner, we walked to the Kuta beach, we sit at the beach and listen the sound of the sea, we also walk to Hard rock hotel,a nd walk for Kuta street.

( you can walk from Seminyak –> Legian –> Kuta they have a lot of craft (oleh -oleh) shop, but the quality quite bad.
Jun yet avocado season, hence the taste so so only, but as come to Bali must try avocado with chocolate, Bali can grow avocado and Strawberry



Day 2

We slept until 9am and wake up, and went to Discovery mall and Waterbom ( just opposite each other). Discovery mall is a shopping centre that selling quite a number of souvenir, electronic and so on. but the price was higher than outside.

Discovery mall

Beach  in front Discovery mall


our breakfast at Discovery mall – only 9K cheap and nice

Kuta Beach morning view

This is the entrance of Kuta Beach, In Bali 90% of resident are Hindu and this symbol Good at the right and bad in the left, you may see this at anywhere at Bali.
we took our lunch at Made’s warung, this restaurant are very famous but the price is high.


Bali Blast Monument -The Bali Bombling memorial at the site of the original Paddy’s pub


we took lunch at Made’s warung, I think this quite famous in Bali and I saw a lot of visitor Q in front of the restaurant, the price was very high compare with other restaurant and the taste ok only. Br. Pande Mas, Kuta, Bali 80361 , Indonesia

+62 361 755297

after lunch we went back Hotel  for facial and 2 hrs Body massage.
we took diner at Bamboo corner-Poppies Lane I, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia this restaurant was rather cheap, and we order fish satay just 11K, and order 2 glass of jus for each person, the fry rice not really suit my taste, but I think you can try the fish satay. (we are too hungry and I forget to take the picture before eating . 🙂 this restaurant are quite difficult to find, and you need to record down the address and ask people.


Bamboo corner


Day 3

We will change our hotel today, and we took Taxi from Legian to Kuta, at around 12pm and the hotel not allow us to check in early, and put our luggage down and walk for 15mins to Krishna to buy some souvenir and local food, although I know how to speak Malay but I found quite difficult to communicate with Balinese.
after that we look for a restaurant which near the sea and wait for sunset. for me travel is main for relax and not too rush, a glass of juice and relax afternoon will make me happy, and enjoy.

we when to Carrefour to after diner, to shop like a local to see what their household good, actually I found quite similar and I brought lot of Indo mee, cause they got a lot difference some favour which cannot find in Singapore, we shop until 9.30pm and back hotel.

This is the contact of our drive, we choose him because he can speak English, we can communicate in English at least. he told us a lot of the Bali History and traditional. eg: He said he is not married with his wife, he is kidnap his wife, we thought we listen wrongly, after that he told us, because Bali following System Kasta, and her wife from higher class, so they cannot married because of accident ( have baby) so they need to married. 2 day before married the bridal need to go to her neighbour house, and the husband pick her from neighbour house, and after 3 days the man need to go to the bridal parent house to inform their daughter with him now, and the parent need to go to special temple and announce daughter missing, the daughter become no class now.
Day 4

we hire a English speaking drive 1 days regarding how long 8-10hrs Rupiah 500K/day, we wen to Tanah lot–> Royal Temple –> Ubuh –> Uluwatu, and we are too tire and cancelled Jimbaran

Tanah Lot

Tanah lot is the MOST beautiful place in Bali and is a place you must go for Bali, else you are not come to Bali. Tanah Lot means ”Land sea” located in Tabanan about 20km from Denpasar. the temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide.


this is the snake cave, which near to the Tanah lot, they believe the snake are from temple hence if you make a wish and will come true. by the where if you see the snake you much donation also.


Royal temple -The private family temple of the Royal family

Royal Temple


Royal Temple – we only saw 2 worker for maintenance and we need to pay entrance fee, but still cannot go inside and just see from outside

Ubud Market -sell a lot of thing and you need to bargain, and I don’t quite like to do it hence I didn buy anything

Ubud street

This this entrance of the Ubud palace, the royal family no longer stay inside and now became hotel.


3 Type of rice in, Sticky rice, black rice and white rice, we having lunch somewhere around which recommend by the drive, but we feel the food was bad

Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Ulu mean ”land end ” and watu means ” rock”, they need entrance fee and sarong are free to borrow, but I suggest you bring yourself because the sarong are very dirty. you also must be careful with the money because they will rob your thing, and I just wonder the money behaviours will teach by the local person, because all the monkey after rob the visitor staff and go to same tree… er… I am just thinking–why this happen ???

actually we plan to view the sunset at Uluwatu, due to traffic jam when we reach, become picture above.. at Uluwatu have the performance dance if not wrong is Kecak dance and I really not feel interest to watch and we just go back.

This is the entrance on the Uluwatu temple, we cannot entrance and I just take picture from outside.


Day 5

we pack all our staff and check out at 11.30, before we go to Airport we decide to visit bali Gallery DFSnot much thing to buy inside, but I saw quite a number of tourist from China and they keep said thing was cheap, but as I compare I really don’t think so. they is a local shopping centre just opposite DFS, and they have much more thing to see.


2.30pm we took cab to Airport and bye bye Bali.
this is the total spending for 2 person

Items detail Price remark
tax departure tax SGD 43 150K rupiah /person
Hotel (4night) Grandmas hotel(Legian) SGD 92 SGD 46/night
Sun Boutique (Kuta) SGD 112 SGD 56/night
Transport Airport  SGD 5.8
Driver & Taxi  SGD 85
Food SGD 158
purchase staff  SGD 43
 Air fair SGD 252
Spa SGD 60
Total SGD 850.80


大家都说,来到这里巴厘岛。就是要享受,海滩,蓝天,cream bath,massage ….

到了机场,走了出来找”blue bird”taxi搭,40分钟后来到了Legian Road 的Grandmas 酒店(Legian Road),酒店的房间很小,但胜在便宜。附近有很多Pub,Bistro让夜晚不再无聊。

Grandmas Hotel
Blue Bird Taxi

卸下了行礼,我们就去洗头了,来巴厘岛一定要CreamBath一下。什么是cream Bath,它是用cream来做头发护理。约两小时,洗头,按摩,护理,吹干,才50K Rupiah(SGD7),在这里最出名的就是按摩和这个了,尽管你已经洗了头,还是要来洗洗看。

不过Bali,Kuta Beach的hard rock hotel的酒吧很不错。去那喝点小酒和听听歌是人生一大享受。
我们的第一天从Seminyak 一直走到Legian,在走到Kuta.一路上都是手工艺品店。手工不怎样,所以没买。



睡觉睡到自然配去附近的Discovery mall买些手信。
Discovery mall
Beach  in front Discovery mall
逛完了街我们又来到了 Waterbom ,waterbom是水上乐园。
这就是我们在Discovery mall吃的当地印尼式早餐,9K Rupiah。我觉的旅游不一定要吃最有名最贵的食物,我更喜观贴近当地居民的食物。


Made’s warung


Br. Pande MasKuta, Bali 80361 Indonesia 


Bali Blast Monument爆炸记念碑就在Paddy’s pub


 Bamboo corner-Poppies Lane IKuta, BaliIndonesia 

Bamboo corner


我们在Kuta street吃了午饭,就去Kuta Sqaure走走,我们就换了酒店,来到新酒店后,我们去了Krishna买手信,沿途去了些陶瓷店。还有选第四天的司机和想去的地方。



KAMA Transport Services
1天倒10小时-500k Rupiah
我选了Tanah lot- Royal Temple -Ubuh – uluwatu-Jimbaran
Tanah Lot海神庙
Royal temple -王族的私人庙宇

乌布皇宫(Puri Saren Agung),现在己经变成了酒店。




我们到Gallery DFS

is the total spending for 2 person






我们从章宜机场搭虎航出发飞往台北桃园机场。经过四个小时的航程,终於抵达台北。从桃园机场乘搭飞狗巴士(Free Go)前往西门町的酒店(内江商旅)。车费每人约NTD125。抵达酒店时,已近晚上九点了。我们赶紧急步冲向著名的阿忠面线。品尝了阿忠面线后,我们当然不会错过在西门町逛逛。逛了不一会,觉得口渴。东张西望找着有没有好喝的饮料。突然发现有一果汁档,大排长龙。原来是台湾的特色饮料- 白玉苦瓜汁。想不到这苦瓜汁不但不苦,而且还香甜好喝!







人气很旺的几十年老店 – 金锋鲁肉饭.香喷喷的招牌香菇鲁肉饭,好喝的人参鸡汤与排骨酥汤真是美味极了!

沿着道路步行到顶顶有名的永康街.这里有很多好吃的冰品店与小食店.我们当然不会错过游客必吃的著名冰馆 – 永康15.







阳明山看花钟,台北车站坐捷运到剑潭站, 1号出口, 左手边有260/红5到阳明山, 约40分钟. 到了阳明山公车总站, 有另外一条阳明山游园线108, 会经过竹子湖, 擎天岗等…可是我们一到就刮大风,下大雨,可是最少也要让我拍个花钟吧,最后我们都变成了落汤鸡,随随便便拍了到此一游就闪了。









参观了曾经是日据时期台湾最大的戏院 – 升平戏院.一到晚上,大部份的店铺都关门了.白天时熙熙攮攮热闹的街道,现在只剩下餐馆与咖啡厅还在营业.







吃饱了来杯饮料可是人生一大乐事,独家介绍-绿茶多酚@活溢比菲多。在台湾吃太饱了也能来一瓶,可以天天吃不肥。 今晚住大直的汽车旅馆,大直是台北汽车旅馆和精品酒店的集聚地,台北恋馆,沐兰,莎多堡,和噗饭店….











Wego酒店的自助早餐很丰盛好吃.可口的冰淇淋MOVNPICK (Swiss)令人爱不释”口”.吃完早餐后,我们就离开酒店去台北火车总站乘搭高铁去下一站 – 阿里山去观賞樱花了.大约一个小时多后抵达高铁嘉仪站.在这里转乘阿里山快车.











离开阿里山后,从高铁嘉仪站乘搭高铁去台中.抵达台中总站后,乘搭的徳士去毗邻的逢甲夜市的民宿 – 逢甲美术馆.星期日到星期四才台币1100,新币47一晚,逢甲夜傍,让我们晩上的生活非常精彩。夜市可是到晚上凌晨二三点,让我们逛得的很开心。







我们在逢甲的早餐是当地人也排队购买的热腾腾美味可口健康五谷杂粮饭团.今天的行程是台湾著名的日月潭.我们从民宿出发搭车到台中火车站,然后再步行六分钟到南投客运车站. 在这里购买了包含旅客日票的南投客运车票去日月潭.

由于我们出发的时间太迟,没法逛完日月潭所有景点,所以没购买包含九族文化村的车票.其实日月潭是一个很大的旅游胜地.建议大家尽早从台中出发,以免错过所有景点.而且回途还可参观由纸制成的纸教堂. 我们一抵达日月潭,就到旅游局索取免费的地图.然后到不同的景点收集印章,以换取纪念品.我们步行到游艇码头,乘坐游艇游缆日月潭.在清澈的湖面上,凉风不停的吹在脸庞上,看着浪花飞溅,实在令人觉的心旷神怡.抵达另一个码头,我们沿着湖畔步行到日月潭缆车站. 搭缆车到九族文化村.买了一些土产给家人.我们品尝了阿萨母红茶,红茶15,自制冰棋淋,香脆炸蘑菇. 然后参观了文武庙.

天黑后我们就搭最后一班客运回台中了. 回台中后,我们去逛了一中夜市. 逛到一中夜市营业时间结束后,又再接再力地逛逢甲夜市.在逢甲夜市美食中心,我们吃了担仔面.还有现烤现买的美味胡椒饼.另外, 逢甲夜市美食中心的男女洗手间也设计的很有趣. 我们一直逛到了半夜两三点才回民宿休息.


座落在南头的清境农场是我们的下一站.我们预订了小黑哥的车从台中去清境农场.如有兴趣预订的朋友,可以联络 +886 921 34 9999.



看完马术表演后, 我们就去吃清境著名料理-鲁妈妈云南摆夷料理了.吃完道地的云南摆夷料理后,已是夜”深”人静. 我们在店外拍照才发现原来我们是站在两千多公尺的高原上.由于路上没有公车了,所以我们就打电话给民宿的大哥来载我们回民宿.

我们住在清境的淸境之星.这间民宿种满了浪漫的紫藤花. 紫藤花散发的花香令人喜欢.这间民宿的夜空可以来拍星星。



早上, 我们在民宿吃完早餐后,就乘坐小黑哥的车到高铁车站.然后,我们买了高铁车票,乘坐高速列车回到台北.抵达台北高铁与地铁总站后,我们就拖着行李步行到座落在台北总车站隔壁.的新酒店 – New Inn.在酒店稍息一会后,我们就赶紧出发去国立故宫博物馆.来到故宫博物馆当然要一睹镇殿三宝 – 翠玉白菜,毛公鼎与肉型石.馆内游客众多,想要亲眼一睹,还要耐心排队.参观完故宫博物馆后。因为故宫博物院不能拍照,我们就忘了拍照。

我们就去参观另一个附近的景点 – 市林官邸.由于遇上官邸关门休息时间,所以没有进入官邸参观.

Hello Kitty Sweets 地址:台北市大安區大安路一段90號(捷運忠孝復興站3號出口)

晚上就是我最期待的行程 – 去HelloKitty 餐厅吃HelloKitty晚餐.

今晚住六福村,天天逛夜市,也累了。今晚是个非常轻松的夜晚,没有夜市可逛,大家在一起谈天也很快活,我也和环尾孤 猴玩的很愉快,六福村的床又大又好睡.








[:en]1 day Trip to Pulau Ubin [:zh]新加坡最后一个甘榜-乌敏岛(Pulau Ubin)[:]

[:en]This was a windy morning, Yen chiu worried going to rain, but fortunately this was a cloudy Saturday.  We meet at Changi ferry terminal and paid SGD 2.50 and took this boat to Pulau Ubin, Pulau is Malay word of ‘island’ and the English will be Ubin island . There are 24 hrs boat services but if not enought 12 person, and passenger need to pay extra. 


After 10 minutes ride, we arrived the last “Kampung” in Singapore – Pulau Ubin. we took a nice picture at the entrance and here we are!!!
The first thing we did was choose the right bike for ourself . Price range from SGD 8-12/ day. And this bike will help you travel whole Pulau Ubin.
The entrance will have a lot of bike rental shop, I strongly advise you choose the new bike, I got my bike at first shop, I felt their services no so good and the price higher than other..
This is a very clean and peaceful village and what we do was ” look look see see” lo…
After crossing over Jelutong bridge (from Jetty), not far ahead to the right-side of the track is Merbah Hut. This hut marks the start point to a hike up the highest hill in P. Ubin, Bukit Puaka, with the highest elevation reaching between 70 to 80 metres. There is no conspicuous signboard to catch the attention of passer-by to this viewing point. This makes Merbah hut an important landmark. Park your bike by the hut, lock it and follow the trail by the side up until you reach the peak where the trail ends.
So romantic rite? I took their picture secrectly, but I think they knew !!! This is a good dating place and can bring girl girl here to let the wind blow lo…


 Cycling and having coconut drink are our main activities at Pulau Ubin, the weather was hot, hence we felt the coconut at here extremely cool and sweet..
We felt hungry and having our lunch at restaurant near Jetty, the price not expensive but the taste really so so, but we still finished all, after cycling we was exhausted.


Highly advise come there befor you start your journey, you can get your travel tips here, the office are very helpful so just use it, don’t waste it. Hahaha ….

Taller three at this island…

At the end of the Coastal Boardwalk, there was the choice of continuing on along a Mangrove Boardwalk, which included a 20-metre high observation tower, or heading back to the Visitor Information Counter.


You may have a great dating with a gang of gentle wild board in front of House number one.

While at Chek Jawa, don’t miss the chance to visit House No. 1, located behind the Information Counter and on the way to Viewing Jetty. This cottage is built in a Tudor-style and is now a Visitor Centre. The kids had a fun look around the building which has the only remaining fireplace in Singapore.

We back around 5PM, all of us was extremely tire, but I think was fun, especially we though we cannot travel with whole island, and we did it..[:zh]


岛上是没有气车的,所以第一件事,就是去租单车,价格为SGD8-12 一天,那里有许多单车业主,你也可以精心挑选心仪的单车,作为环岛一日游的主要交通工具。



拿了地图后,就能出发了,我们选了Jelutong Road 去Bukit Puaka。那里是岛上的最高点,如果你和我一样喜欢在旅行时,在高处俯瞰一圈周围。那你一定喜欢这里。我们到时,有对洋人情侣在那谈情,他们也被我们几个话燥的女人,打挠了。




吃饭足饭了后,选择了另一条路前往House No1,荷兰式小洋房和里面的介绍。在小洋房外,可以看见很多的温顺的山猪。



最后来到岛上的湿地-check Jawa,看看在湿地生长的生物.





  1. 穿着以淸凉,轻便为主。
  2. 请带足够的现钱,岛上是不收信用卡的。
  3. 请带是够的水,不然你须要付SGD 3.50 买椰子水
  4. 记得带蚊子驱逐液
  5. 记得和单车店借一个锁,也记得当你到了目的地,把单车放一旁时,记得上锁

离樟宜码头不远处,Changi Village Hawker Center 的椰浆饭很有名,有三个不同的档囗,每档都很好吃哦!可以去吃吃看。

如果不喜欢Nasi Lemak,Changi Village还有一间有名的Cafe-Chock Full Of Bean ,有名的3D咖啡很可爱,而且Pizza,,Salad,Pasta都好吃,只是大多时候人朝很多啊!

Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090, Changi, 500004 Tel: 6214 8839


[:en]SKYTRAY -A350 Qatar Business[:zh]SKYTRAY 票选最豪华商务舱-A350 Qatar Business[:]


Top Business Class Seats

 Travel via business class -airline re-view
 Armani amenities kit

Perjamas -but too big for me

 The dessert was awesome !!

Qatar-Celebrity chef -Nobi Matsuhisa and Vineet Bhatia

-So Jennie。


[:zh]Qatar 是七间全球5星航空的其中一间,而且Qatar主打就是商务舱,它的商务舱可是全球最豪华的商务舱哦!这次我们就来看看这全球最豪华的商务机舱有什么吧哦!

QIA 持有者Doha王室,这个有钱金主可是到处撒钱,最有名的莫过于高价收购FC Barcelona,Qatar 机上的安全指南FC,可是Messi和FCB多位球星一起拍的,这次的安全指南,看帅哥看到很爽,哈哈!除此之外当然Qatar 的商务舱,已经连序三年获得,世界最好的商务舱了,服务和品质都是一流的。
我们一上机,美丽的空中小姐就为我们点了迎宾饮料。我点了橙汁。然后就开始分梳冼套件和睡衣。他的梳洗套件可是Gio Gio Armani,而且睡衣摸起来手感不错。




我的座位-A350只有商务和经济两种舱,商务座位是 1-2-1,所以座位很宽。我躺平后还傍边还有些空间。设施方面也很其全,可以慢慢玩。椅子模式也变成电子的,比较容易按,而且可以选择你想要的任何低度。如果是旧的手按只有几个低度可选。


Qatar有2位名星主厨,分别是Nobi Matsuhisa来自日本,他的每间餐厅都有米淇淋一星店。另外一名主厨Vineet Bhatia,得过无数奖项,他在英国的餐厅可是米淇淋二星店哦!商务舱的菜单可是于建康与美味的结合。而且厨师也做了高空的食物调整,绝对满足你在三万尺高空的味蕾。不过老实说飞机上的食物不能与顶级厨师现场烹调。食物在二度微波,美味定有所损失。


不喝酒的我蛮喜欢它的酒和饮料菜单。简单大方的设计,大家耳熟的酒就没一一展示图片,但特别的就有一面面的介绍。我呢点了豪华法国葡萄酒庄出品的没有酒精的葡萄酒-So Jennie。





首先有wave和Google map 把名字输入进去就可以找到了。
我们先下踏Impiana Hotel,梳洗后我们就去大树脚吃炸料
大树脚的炸料都很好吃,咖哩面更是招牌,我喜欢有个用sago做的炸料,只有怡保有看过,新山还真没看过。然后记得叫corn shake, 龙珠果冰沙,太饿,太好吃了。


吃的太饱了的我们到Ipoh Parade 走走然后玩射击!因为去年看了mocking jay, 想要玩玩看啊!猜猜那个耙是我射的。
提示:normal distribution
 我们还吃了Pinang teochew Chendol ,难吃到无法言语,难怪店里面没有人。
宴婛林盐焗鸡 Ayam Garam Aun Kheng Lim
24, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
地址:48, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh
49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30000,Ipoh


51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh

67-69,JalanLeong Sin Nam,

30300 Ipoh
玉满楼的流砂包很赞!有料的肠粉超好吃的。外软内脆配上酱汁,人间美味。其它就so so lo!!富山的辣椒酱很好吃。
怡保火车站是一座典型的摩尔式和维多丽亚风格相结合的火车站,摩尔式是效冷门的风格但马来亚英治时期火车站大多是摩尔式(吉隆坡火车站)建于1914年至1917年。怡保开拓史上所使用过的各种火车头和车厢都完整的保存在这里。而且还是电影国王与我(Anna and the King)的拍摄场地之一
怡保大钟楼(Birch Memorial clock),健于1909 年,为了记念首位参政司Birch,于他的儿子为他而建成。英国殖民地的建筑物,画有44位有名人物,我们发现1位被册除了,不知是那一
下午四点我们就前往“the lost world”去泡温泉,成人入门票价为RM22, 不过要六点后才开。
  1. No.1 , Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1,, Sunway City Ipoh,, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
  2. Open today · 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
我们一至推荐下面这间酒店,地方大能住多人,而且傍边就有sport bar, 对面有食阁,很方便啊!
  1. The Osborne Apartments
  2. Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar, Taman Jubilee, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
深夜还能来sport bar,叫点饮料,打桌球和玩飞镖。
下一站我们就去参观Kelly’s castle, 一个还未建成就被荒废了的大型洋房,这座洋房是在第一次世界大战之前英国人Wiliam. Kelly 建的,不过在未完成时主人就过世了,当时他还想进口马来西亚第一台升降机,可见当时主人的财力,在工程时还闹过鬼,现在可以怡保拍摄婚纱照的圣地呢!我们当然也不会放过这次的机会美美的拍照。


Lot 9840, Mukim Teja,
Kampung Sungai Itek,
31600, Gopeng Perak.




[:en]3 days 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur -Capital of Malaysia . Malaysia truly Asia !![:zh]路过吉隆坡之三天两夜自由行[:]


Day 1
We took 1am coach to K.L to pudu raya now named pudu central, actually we brought ticket to genting but we cannot get the hotel hence I alighted at pudu and looked for hotel, but pudu hotel have changed the ownership and now the new named are Angasa express hotel ( pudu)  , we cannot check in at midnight anymore so we wait untill 7. Am and out for breakfast at china town u ate my favor food pork noddles and weelee took the fry kuah teow. I cannot find similar taste else where except kl. After all we went to see traditional Chinese doctor,  9.30 am around  we went to midvalley and Gaden mall for shopping.
Midvalley Christmas deco and lighting
We have observe a restaurant there is alway crowd so we plan our lunch there, the restaurant names Nyonya Colour – the curry chicken and roti jala very fragrance and delicious I love it so much? But the nasi lemak the rice over cook and. Too soft, the chendol acceptable, I also order a Keladi talam. Look good.

weelee want to eat the Krispy cream so we brought one for tasting only, I feel the donut too oily but he love so much.

After that we purposely went to sungai wang for Leka- Leka ice cream, I only can find at there I usually to eat when I went there and we went to pavilion for diner.
Both shopping center that I visit both have carousel for children, and I felt quite good for this.
Before having diner, there is the performance at the stage so we brought the dessert because the dessert house ( 芋得鲜)the sit with very good view and we choose the most good sit to view the performance the song was is my life ( Bon Jovi)
We having diner at ben’s well the food is affordable and the environment and interior design look like the British colonies.
I saw a small chat time shop outside lot10, the tree inside the shop all real, there have 3 real tree inside, and the tree look healthy too, we brought a giant cup of mango smoties and enjoy our midnight there

Day 2

Having breakfast at hotel and we went to Menara kl, I had stayed at kl for 2 years but never have change to go up.
Took the LRT alight Dang wangi ( kelana line)  / bukit nanas ( monorail ) we found the name of LRT have changed from putra to kelana line. About 15minute walking distance and you will reach the gate and free shuttle bus to bring you up. You can go up to observation deck or open deck.
Observation deck: rm 49 / My card rm 29
Open deck: rm 99
Kuala Lumpur tower, 360 degree, you can take afternoon tea there Atmosphera 360 – rm 58 and you can save the ticket fee.
Observation desk, in round shape and have lot of sit, no time limit. we sit there to listened music there.
The picture took from observation desk
Walking distance to KLCC, we walk around 10 minus to KLCC , below is the Christmas lighting at KLCC, at you know KLCC just under PETRONAS Twin tower According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s official definition and ranking, they were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 until surpassed by Taipei 101, but they remain the tallest twin buildings in the world.

We window shopping at there, and having lunch at madam Kwan’s, this restaurant famous with nasi lemak.

The chendol don’t have pandan leaf taste, the coconut milk not fragrance enought, the gula Melaka don’t have gul Melaka taste … Alamak … A bad chendol
This satay don’t look like traditional Malaysia satay, but look more presentable.the taste quite ok.

But I not really like the taste, I can cook better than this.

Opposite KLCC are Ampang mall, we went there to look for teksi and Krispy cream donut. weelee brought a snow man donut filing with strawberry jam. The customer services told us, we no need to take teksi to pavilion and we just need to walk along the sky bridge and can reach bukit bintang. There is very heavy rain outside we cannot back hotel by public transport and will be traffic jam anywhere if travel by teksi. So no choice to walk to jalan bintang
Ground floor of Ampang mall
Show man from Krispy cream at Rm 2.95
Inside the sky bridge
Outside the sky bridge

I have checked no cal down for Christmas, I am so disappointed and weelee said now a day Malaysia become more Islamic, and some of imam even request the melay not celebrate any western celebration. But in order not to disappointed the tourist jalan bintang have organize shopping fiesta at coming Saturday, wow should be very fun I think!

We continue our shopping at bukit bintang from Fehrenhite 88 , starhill and so on. Crabtree and Evelyn have Christmas promotion, good bargain I brought 2 hand cream at rm 278
Day 3
Before we back to Singapore, we went to china town, china town famours of selling pirate branded items, lo Han go herbal tea, and bean curd ( son of tun mahatir have indicated he want to go china town to buy beancurd for his father, cause this is the favour of tun mahatir, from new paper )
We traveled by Sri pertaling line LRT from Plaza Rayat to Bandar Tasik Selatan and alighted terminal bersepadu Barat Selatan ( TBS) and travel 2pm bus back to Singapore


在外国时发现,很多人对马来西亚的首都不熟悉,身为马来西亚人的我,卖力的推销吉隆坡转机行程。3天2夜重点游。(Stopover Kuala Lumpur)来体验一下当地文化和食物。由其是当你要到新加坡旅游时,决对可以路过吉隆坡,当然一定要以个人安全为重点。
到了机场记得一定要拿免费地图,到information柜台问柜台人员要,就说需要city map of KL,最后一页是地图,里面还有详细的轨道交通图,到哪里乘什么车很清楚。
机场快线(KLIA Ekspres)
机场快线是从吉隆坡国际机场前往市区最快最便捷的交通方式,KLIA Ekspres时速160公里,全线没有停靠站,运行时间为28分钟,起点是吉隆坡国际机场 KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) ,终点是 Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal ,KL Sentral .运营时间从早上五点至午夜12点半@SGD35 one way
KLIA Ekspres位于吉隆坡国际机场最底层1楼,由于马来西亚使用英式方式,因此1楼实际相当于我们的地下一层,下机后根据指示牌就可以找到。
机场快铁(KLIA Transit)
KLIA Transit同样连接吉隆坡国际机场KLIA与吉隆坡的交通枢纽中环广场(KL Sentral),与另外一条轨道交通KLIA Ekspres,KLIA Transit中间停靠沙叻丁宜站(Salak Tinggi)、布城/赛城站(Putrajaya & Cyberjaya)、南湖镇站(BandarTasik Selatan), 最后抵达吉隆坡中央车站(KLSentral)。车程35分钟,单程票价35马币。
机场大巴(Star Shutter):
单程票价10 马币,开往市区的主要车站:富都车站(Pudu Raya)和Batu 3 站。
机场大巴(Express Coach)
单程票价10 马币,往返18 马币,开往吉隆坡中央车站(KL Sentral)。
可开往市区任一角落,时间在30 分钟至45分钟
Skybus的运行线路为KLIA2=KL Sentral/1 UTAMA,票价为10RM/15RM。
机场快线(KLIA Express)
机场为起点提供KLIA2=KL SENTRAL的机场快线,全程约39分钟,每隔30分钟一班。途中经停KLIA、Salak Tinggi、Putrajaya & Cyberjaya、Bandar Tasik Selatan共4站,首班分别为04:33从KL Sentral出发和05:48从KLIA2出发,KLIA Ekspres 运行时间33分钟;高峰期间每15分钟一班,非高峰20分钟一班。成人RM35,2-12岁儿童RM15
KLIA Transit 运行时间35-42分钟左右;高峰时间每20分钟一班,非高峰30分钟一班。全程票价成人35RM,2-12岁儿童15RM。可以根据你在吉隆坡的酒店位置来选择上车站。
KLIA2机场始发5:48,末班0:59;KL SENTRAL始发4:33;末班0:03。3)出租车

Day 2

Kuala Lumpur tower, 360 degree, you can take afternoon tea there Atmosphera 360 – rm 58 and you can save the ticket fee.


This satay don’t look like traditional Malaysia satay, but look more presentable.the taste quite ok.


 sky bridge
Day 3
We traveled by Sri pertaling line LRT from Plaza Rayat to Bandar Tasik Selatan and alighted terminal bersepadu Barat Selatan ( TBS) and travel 2pm bus back to Singapore.