[:en]1 Altitide Roof Bar [:zh]姐妹免费欣赏晚景的地方-1Altitude Roof Bar[:]


This is the roof top bar in Singapore which able to hv a full night view of Singapore city.
Wednesday is Lady night, I and my Girl friends plan to go to 1 Attitude Roof Bar, we reached at 8pm, not much people yet
We took lift to 61 floor and then changed to another lift to 62.
When you go in, 62 there is another massionate floor to the roof.
we arrive at 8.30pm, there is a band, they had playing the pop music
The scenery was good, and you can see the lighting of Singapore. Can u imagine u having a wine at 62 floor high and with a strong wind blow…
If you wan to have a good view and sit, you must reserve in advance !!!
The most important thing of course was take picture la!!!
Inside quite dark, picture with a lot of noisy, but the environment was good !!
Cheer my ladies !!!
The red color with cinnamon named woodpecker, I choose with cocktail because of the name but I not really like the taste.
The yellow color with peppermint named attitude affair, with a strong lime fragrance !!
The last giant cup named pink flood, Er… Only got soda taste !!!


1Altitide Roof Bar – 在大厦顶楼的天空酒吧

星期三是Lady night,所以我们都会在星期三去,不然是须要入门票的。我们吃了晚餐8.30pm就上去吹风了。也因为要订座是须要基本消费的,所以我们没订座,也因此需要避开人朝,在这是愈夜愈美丽。
1 Altitude,one Raffle 62楼的天台,所以你须要程搭电梯到61楼,然后换另外一部到62楼,因为那有一个阁楼天台。所以我称这为天空上的酒吧!
Cheer!我用我手中的“woodpecker”和姐妹手中的Altitude Afair, pink flood 干杯。 祝我们永远美丽,如盛开的玫瑰!


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