How to get a free upgrade to Business Class

I love Travel, but in the beginning I will not bother of the airline loyalty program, hence I had several bottom line airway membership. this is almost wasted, need 2.5K point to redeem for cash and point. that mean I should only own 3 member cards which from difference alliances ( Star Alliance, One World and Sky team) and should consolidated all point from difference airline within their own alliances, in order to redeem for free air ticket or upgrade.

Travel in comfort with no extra charge, and enjoy the services provide from Alliance.  So let me tell you what the difference airline member structure, and what is the best way to get all this benefit. Difference alliance provide difference benefit for their member, understand the benefit of each tier alliance member will be crucial for you and me.

First thing , if we only buy promotion ticket or economy ticket, we hardly to get top tier membership. I suggest you start with one. I summarize some criteria for you to make the decision.

You need to decide which airline reward program that you want to join, below will be some criteria for you to choose, please do not have all of them, you just need one, and consolidate all point in one card. Some criteria for your to select which one you need.

1) yours credit card that thigh with which airline ? This is very important when you use mileage card and all your spending reward point will transfer to mileage .

2) which airline that you want to redeem air ticket ? Not the airline that you frequent buy ticket.

3) which airline provide better benefit, the status will re-calculate every 12 months, that mean you need to re-qualify every 12 months.

Which airline that you frequesnt used, which is not very relavent, later I will show

Star Alliance

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Benefit Basic Silver Gold Diamond/ PPS /Platinum
Priority wait list Yes Yes Yes
Priority Airport Standby Yes Yes Yes
Priority waiting list Yes Yes
Extra Baggage Yes Yes
Airport Lounge Access Yes Yes
Priority Boarding Yes Yes
Priority Baggage Handling Yes Yes
Require Air Milage 25K 50K Businees/First/Suite

Difference class with difference accrual mileage. I stated as example below, and example provide, but all 3 alliances reward system look alike.

eg: promotion fare for Singapore Airline K class –> only entitle for 10% mileage

but you can get the Kris Flyer reward program, and earn mileage from other airline to change for Air ticket for Singapore Airline.

Airline Suite/First Business Economy
Singapore Airline 300% R, 150% -A,F 125%-C,D,JZ,U 110% -P,S,T , 100%-B.E.H,L,M,W, Y , 50%-N,Q, 10%K, V
Air Canada NA 125%-J, 100% -C,D,Z,P 100%
Air New Zealand NA 125% 100%
ANA 150% 150%-J, 125%-C,D.Z, 70% -P 100%-B.E.G.M.Y, 70% H, Q,U, 50% -S,T,V,W
Lufthansa 150% 125%-C,D,J,Z , 100% -P 100%-B.H.M.U.Y, 50%-Q,S,V,W, 25%-T
Thai 150% 125% 100% -B.H.M.Q.u.Y , 50% -K, T, S

As I share my experience, I never redeem my point for economic ticket, because most airline will have economic ticket promotion frequently. I only redeem business and first class, which seldom having promotion and there is a big price difference.





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