Travel to America – L.A. , Las Vegas & Hollywood ( Part 1)


Itinerary Summary

Day 1 – 3 Anaheim , Chess cake factory

Day 2 Disney Land Anaheim ( Whole Day) , Diner at IHOP

Day 3 Down Disney , The shop at Anaheim , Danny, Orange Outlet

Day 4 Garden Walk,Santa Monica , Holly wood -Sign

Day 5 Universal Studio and Universal City walk

Day 6 Hollywood walk of frame, Chinese Theatre , California Pizza , Griffith Observatory , Santa Monica,

Day 7 Egg and I, Grand Canyon , Hoover Dam

Day 8 Las Vegas town , Buffer at Paris , Aria , KA show

Day 9  Buffer at Aria, Las Vagas strip, Big Bus tour, Sign of Las vegas , Las Vegas Premium Outlets


Tip : –

1) If you have more than 2 passenger in the car, you can take the car pool lane

2) Don’t buy Anaheim Disney land online, you may go to discount ticket counter , so you can buy only one park ticket at discount rate

3) No selfie stick in Disneyland

4) prepare to hand carry your luggage to second floor

5) Cheese cake factory, a famous restaurant chain selliing American food

6) pre-book your car rental and check any additional fee for difference drop off point

7)Buble Gump & Shrimp co. is a good choose too  

Recommended Restaurant : 

LA – Taco Beach Shack , Bastia ( Italy Restaurant),Osteria La Bu ca

LAs Vegas -Jardin -Wynn Hotel , Buffer at Aria Hotel , Jean Philippe Patisseria – Aria Hotel , Alan Albert’s , Rosewood Grille, Egg and Me


Day 1

After the long journey we reached the first Disneyland Town Anaheim , It is home of the Disneyland resort. we had our diner at The Cheesecake Factory. ( a Restaurant chain selling Cheese cake and American food in United States) . the potion is in giant size, i cannot even one salad.After a Heavy diner, we window shopping at the Garden walk just besides The Cheese cake Factory

We stay at Super 8 Main gate, is just a 7 minutes walk to Disney land. we able to see the fire work from outside our hotel room. Super 8 at main gate , is the cheaper hotel at that area with Fantasic location, moreover just next to famous restaurant chain. And the bonus points is I can see fire work just outside my room.

Day 2

We had a whole day itinerary in Disneyland for second day . we visit Toon Town, took a picture with Mickey mouse. we took many ride. but my favor ride will be the Halloween special .

the rider was amazing-cool, but you need to wait for 2.30-3 hours.. super long Q ..

We had just half sandwich and soup for lunch , can u imagine, i m totally exhausted .We took IHOP at just opposite Disneyland, I m super hungry …


Day 3

we went to Danny for Breakfast, and walk to the Disney town,  is the shopping district just outside Disneyland.

we took a lot of Picture in Lego shop, is a very good idea that we had our Ice-cream Sundae under a hot sun, and tire walk.

After that, went to Orange Outlet the only Fashion Outlet in Anaheim. we felt super sleepy, after we went back to hotel, accidentally fall to sleep. i waked up at 3.00 am with empty stomach..

The Orange Anaheim -20 City Blvd W, Orange, CA 92868, USA

Day 4

We had a nice shipping in Garden walk, and if you buy something remember to get the stamp for free parking for 2 hours, by the way if you dine in here, you can enjoy 3 hours free parking. we grabbed 2 pieces of cheese cake from Cheese cake factory, and we took 2 hours drive to Hollywood.

We reach Hollywood around noon time , after check  ed in hotel , we went to the best place to took this picture , this picture took at a hill just opposite to the signboard this is the one off the best public area to take the signboard picture , but not too worry you able to see this picture in anywhere of Hollywood .

tip: Jerome C. Daniel overlook above the Hollywood Bowl

I meat my cousins for diner – at Roberta Jinya , we enjoy a very good diner with her , and we hv no energy to go anywhere and the parking in Hollywood is quite expensive .

Day 5 wow !! Amazing day in Universal studio.

Harry porter and the forbidden journey . This ride fantastic man !! Transformer and the mummy same with Singapore Universal Studio . And u must try butter beer blended ice in here.

My favour ride awarded to studio tour, is it pretty cool ride . we visit the real studio .. wow !! We seat at a vertical / truck and visited the real place for filming …

the girl using wand to create spell infront of the window , and the magic showed .. 

But the wand no cheap at all USD 75 and if u like the character in the book u can buy different type of   Wand .

We diner just universal studio shopping district. And wee lee asked me to try American Chinese Food at Panda Express, ok this is. Bad experience, I m Chinese I can cook better than that, they didn put spring onion and ginger  inside the chicken, the taste lack something …. i saw a Mexican cook with that , I almost faint.. I really wish I can go inside the kitchen and help them … oh no ….

Day 6 – is a busy day

we went to walk of frame – basically , in my imagination not suppose to be like that , a little bit of dissapointed , but overall still a visitor point that u must check in . We took a picture of Chinese theater. And found some name of the celebrity and ciao !

We got our lunch at Carifornia pizza , because dinding at the place we parked our car can reduce the parking fee .. is a good choose ! The restaurant with a nice Hollywood signboard view and good pizza and price.

after that we went to Santa Monica  to hv a nice beach walk after a full lunch .

We want to watch sunset at Griffith observatory , the view was so good .

After that we continue journey to Las Vegas

Day 7 – Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

Breakfast highly reconsidered egg and I, This called “ simple thing create magic”

this a long journey to see the 7 wonder , to driver to Grand Canyon West – Home of the Hualapai Nation. Sky Bridge at the eagle point. We also passed by Hoover Dam and took a look of this old Dam.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge with a glass walkway in Arizona near the Colorado River on the edge of a side canyon in the Grand Canyon West area of the main canyon

Sky walk – Grand Canyon West ( Eagle point )

no camera and shoes allow at sky walk so u need to buy photo from them . I think is a good experience when u walk on top a tranparent temper glass .

We had our Dinner at Duona point – we have Better restaurant , but I think this restaurant with very good view , I just want to dine here .

Cold but ok to eat .

Day 8 . Las Vegas town visit, Paris Buffer , KA show


Ka Show by MGM theater

Day 9 Las Vegas Big bus tour, Las Vegas Sign,Aria Buffer , and Las Vegas Premium Outlet

Picture for Aria buffet , one of my favor buffer with good price .

Las Vegas premium outlet will be a good place for shopping because the tax lower than other stated .

Las Vegas Premium Outlets

North – 875 s.Grand  Central Pkwy

South  – 7400 Las vegas Blvf S.

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